The Part of Training I Love the Most

I’ve reached that point in marathon training where it hurts. My quads are sore, my butt needs to be rolled out and when I think about squatting I want to cry because I’ve already put my legs through so much. This is the part of marathon training that I LOVE the most.

I know a lot of runners live for race day, but I actually dislike a lot of things about races. I dislike getting up early, I don’t really like the pressure of racing and I prefer running alone to running with lots of other people. I sign up for races because I am goal oriented … and I do like collecting a medal at the end ;).

I consider races to be an integral part of my training cycles, but THIS right here is the part of running that I love the most. I like feeling challenged, I like knowing I’m making improvements and I just generally like that exhausted and accomplished feeling I get from a high mileage week.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.39.43 PM

The joy is definitely in the journey for me.

Last night I did yet another run on the treadmill. You would think I have money invested in treadmills at the rate I have been using them lately! Really, it’s just that the weather is at an agonizing high. When I got home from work, I changed into my running clothes and then saw this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 11.19.55 PM

Mmmkay, that’s just a little bit warm for 7:30pm! I didn’t have the willpower to force myself to run in that so I hit up the ‘mill.

It’s been a long time since I’ve got running at the beach though, and it is my number one goal this week to get out for a beach run at least one time! It HAS to happen!

So, this wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t bring up the sad news story about Cecil the Lion.

I’ve blogged before about my support for big cat conservation efforts, and this story hits close to home for me because … well, I have a cat named Cecil.

Cecil the Lion was a beloved inhabitant of Zimbabwe’s National Park and was tagged and observed as part of an on-going research project on Hwange lions by the University of Oxford.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.57.01 PM


The lions at the national park are not supposed to be hunted, but it is believed that Cecil was lured out of the national park with bait. He was shot with a bow and arrow. According to the Telegraph “the next day he was found wounded by the hunters and killed, before being beheaded and skinned.”

Trophy Hunting Auctions That Benefit Conservation Groups?

The man who killed Cecil, a dentist from Minnesota, had paperwork making it legal for him to hunt lions, and he claims to not have known that this particular lion was lured from the park. The dentist paid £35,000 or $54,600 to hunt a lion in Zimbabwe. 

In the past this dentist has also paid $45,000 for the right to shoot an elk and he has also won an auction where he was able to shoot an endangered Desert Bighorn Sheep. Both of these large sums of money went towards conservation efforts, so I guess that’s good?

The dentist has also hunted and killed polar bears, bison, grizzly bears and cougars.

I understand that hunting is a perfectly normal thing to do, and there are plenty of scenarios in which hunting is not bad. I even understand that there is particular skill in hunting with a bow and arrow.

I just don’t understand paying huge sums of money for trophy hunting. In a way I am glad that a lot of the money this man has donated as gone towards conservation efforts. I had no idea that such efforts existed and I did a little research on the (controversial) auctions last night. If you’re interested I would read this article in Conservation Magazine. It cites several scientific studies and explains these trophy hunting auctions in a very neutral manner.

The article does end with an opinion from the author that I thought was appropriate:

“The sale of the right to kill an animal for a trophy surely reflects the value that animal lives hold in at least some corners of our society; that killing an animal for fun isn’t wrong, as long as you can afford it. It is right to worry about the sort of message that sends.”


I am sorry to end this post on a bit of a sad note today, especially since I think I started off really positively. Thanks for listening!

How is your training going this week? 

Weekly RUNdown + Q&A

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post sharing words of encouragement and your own stories. I love reading your comments and knowing that we share so many similar experiences!

Hello there! Long time, no see! My mom came into town for a couple of days last week to deal with some moving related things – she’s well on her way to being an official South Floridian. She’s pushed her moving date back a couple of days, but she’ll still be here before my birthday! :)

All is going really, really, really well on the running front. I’m definitely out of my slump from last week and all of my runs this week felt really good – except for the 800s – but I guess those aren’t supposed to feel good.


Janae (aka Hungry Runner Girl) shared that motivational Instagram the other day and I thought it was so accurate!

I filmed a weekly training vlog, which I plan to do every week until the Chicago Marathon, after my long run on Sunday:

The training portion was kind of short this week since the run went really smoothly, so I also added on a few running survey questions Megan (aka Meg Go Run) posted about a couple of weeks ago. If you’re into that sort of thing I hope you’ll give the video a view!

Here’s my weekly RUNdown:


Monday: REST
Tuesday: 1 mile w/up, 6 x 800 w/400m recovery, 1 mile c/down
Wednesday: 45 minute stationary bike
Thursday: 6 mi tempo
Friday: 4 mi easy
Saturday: 6 miles easy
Sunday: 10 miles easy

Total: 32 miles

I ended up doing my 10-miler on the treadmill, which left me with quite a lot of time to entertain myself. I watched two interviews (this one and this one) with Scott Jurek where he talks about breaking the AT speed record for thu hiking. I love that man so much – he is such an inspiration and I’m so sad that this will be the last thing he does professionally. Nothing like going out with a bang though!

Fingers crossed that Scott writes a book about this experience because I’m not sure how many more times I can read “Eat & Run” … just kidding, I’m sure I can read it at least 100 more times. If you’re a runner and haven’t read Scott’s book yet, please give it a try. I cannot recommend it enough – it includes details about his training regime, vegan diet, winning all of the top ultra races and his personal relationships with other elite runners (and non-runners).

Other than running, work and seeing my mom more often than usual, not a whole lot is going on over here. I guess it’s pretty typical for running to consume your life when training for a marathon though!

On Friday night Adam, Tim and I went down to the University of Miami to see a wrestling show:


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll remember Tim as the guy who I ran my first half marathon with!


I guess he’s gotten a bit camera shy since then, haha. I hope to run another race with him in the future. Maybe I can get him to run the Fort Lauderdale half with me again this year! (Hey Tim, what do you think?!)

We didn’t do a whole lot on Saturday. Actually, I slept a lot on Saturday … like, way too much. I think Cecil was awake more hours than I was which is saying something since he’s in this position about 17 hours a day:


On Sunday I did manage to drag myself out of bed to get breakfast with Adam. We don’t go out for breakfast often but it’s definitely one of my favorite things to do!


Perfect fuel for my 10-miler!

And now, here I am blogging and prepping for the week ahead!

How was your weekend?

What type of races do you prefer: point to point, out and back or loop(s)? 

Goodbye to the Past

In my last post I wrote about loving my first job as a cashier at Walgreens, and so many of you commented saying that you also enjoyed being a cashier.

I wasn’t just as a cashier at Walgreens, I was a Beauty Advisor. Ohh la la, haha. Really, all it means to be a Beauty Advisor is that you work exclusively in the Cosmetics department and you make commission on the sale of certain beauty brands. 20150722_213111

^ My favorite beauty team members during my senior year of high school… all holding up Loreal products because we made the most commission off of Loreal, haha!

The three of us in that picture were a killer team and were consistently numbers 1, 2 and 3 in district commission sales! That was a serious point of pride for Andrea (the blonde) and I because we only worked part time and still sold the heck out of those cosmetics!

Honestly, that job at Walgreens kept me sane during the three years that I lived in Inverness, FL. I moved there at 14 years old when my mom got re-married and I hated almost everything about that town. The biggest store is the Super Walmart, everyone drives a pick up truck and Future Farmer’s of America was the biggest club on my high school campus.

There’s really nothing wrong with pick up trucks or farmers, but I was a Big City girl at heart and I couldn’t stand that the Event of the Year was the smelly, dirty fair. I hate fairs. I never really felt like I fit in with the Inverness crowd and I was so so so happy to move on and go away to college.

Goodbye to Inverness 

Now, with my mom getting ready to move here to South Florida, I’m pretty excited to say goodbye to that town for good. I know a lot of people feel super nostalgic about their hometowns, but Inverness is not my home town… and even though I’ll likely never go back to my actual home town ever again, I don’t feel sad. I have never felt like I fit in better in any other city the way I feel here in Fort Lauderdale.

Of course, it’s probably not the exact city that makes me happy here. It’s likely just because Adam and I have built our lives here, I’ve experienced professional success here, I found my passion for running here and … well, let’s be real, I do love living so close to a beautiful beach.

Inverness is definitely the smallest town I’ve ever lived in, but my actual hometown really isn’t that much bigger or more advanced. Growing up I was the ONLY minority I knew. The private elementary school I went to didn’t have any African Americans, asians or hispanics… I was literally only exposed to upper middle class white people. That’s somewhat of a problem if you’re the one asian kid with no one around who looks like you – not even a family member because you’re adopted. I sadly and desperately just wanted to be white. I dreamed about having double eyelid surgery to get rid of my monolid so I could look more white.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 10.15.52 PM

As I got older and moved to a public school I was around a more diverse group of people, but not by a lot because the cities I lived in were predominantly white. It wasn’t until I got to college that I finally had a close asian friend! Honestly, it wasn’t until college that I had a good friend that wasn’t white.

Being surrounded by other minorities makes me happy. It makes me feel comfortable and normal. As a kid I always felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was never comfortable in my own skin.

Goodbye Awkward Childhood 

By all conventional standards I had a happy childhood. I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes at poor me, the asian kid who went to a private school. Must have been real tough … of course it wasn’t difficult in comparison to other upbringings I could have had. That doesn’t mean it was easy.

I know that just because my mom is moving here now and I’ll never have to go back to Inverness or my hometown doesn’t mean all that much for a childhood that is well over, but it means something to me. I feel like I’m breathing a sigh of relief to be closing the door on all of that. I don’t feel like my childhood represents anything about who I am today.

And there are a handful of memories from my childhood that anyone would define as “awkward,” that I won’t share on this blog, that I’m happy to be burying for good.

I won’t even get into the eating disorder stuff.

The Rest of Your Life 

I was having lunch with a co-worker yesterday and was blabbing on and on about how terrible Inverness was to live in. Honestly, I guess it’s not all that bad. I know a lot of people enjoy living there for a lot of reasons. It just wasn’t for me.

I started peeling back the pages to the best chapter of my life when I moved to South Florida and each year has gotten progressively better. The only thing that has been missing is my family. I haven’t lived closed to my parents since I moved away for college almost 11 years ago. It’ll be really nice to have my mom here soon, and my dad here before the end of the year (fingers crossed).

I have never in my life been happier than I am right now. I’ve got Adam, I’ve got Cecil and soon my mom and dad – along with a great job, opportunity to travel often and the ability to feel (mostly) comfortable in my own skin.

Life is really good.


My Dream Race (and More)

A couple of weeks ago Richard (Running Schlub) tagged me to answer a few questions about myself. You can read Richard’s answers here and read on to see my answers!

1. What is Something People Would be Surprised to Learn About You?

I’m not sure if this will really surprise anyone or not, but when I’m trying to make it through a hard speedwork interval or a rough patch in a long run I will pretend I’m running a race with Ray Allen as my pacer.

For those who aren’t basketball fans, Ray Allen is a (retired*) NBA player who most recently played for the Miami Heat. He still lives down here in Miami and is always posting pics on Instagram of him running around Miami. He wants to qualify for Boston someday and then run an Ironman!

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.41.31 PM

I think he would be a really great pacer because I imagine he has tons of interesting stories that he could tell to distract you from the pain/task at hand!

I thought this might surprise some of you because I’ve often said that I daydream about being paced by Scott Jurek. Of course that is my ultimate dream scenario, but most recently I’ve been really inspired by Ray.

*He never officially announced his retirement. 

2. When You Were a Kid What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

I wanted to be a variety of different things when I was growing up:

  • Cashier
  • Fighter pilot
  • Astronaut
  • Journalist
  • Music artist manager

I never, ever wanted to work in advertising! haha

When I was really young I really wanted to be a cashier because I thought the buttons on the registered looked like fun to press. I also really wanted to scan items!


My first job was at Walgreens and using a register was every bit as satisfying as I thought it would be. I LOVED being a cashier and often fantasize about the day I retire and can go back to having a job like that where I can run a register again! :)

3. Where is Your Favorite Place You’ve Visited?


Hands down the answer to this has to be Paris. I absolutely loved The Louvre and would be thrilled to go back and explore the parts that I had to rush through because we got kicked out at the end of the day.

4. What is One Place on Your Travel Bucket-List?

Just last night Adam asked me what I want to do for my 30th birthday and I said I definitely want to take a trip. Initially I thought I’d like to go back to Paris, but there are so many other places I want to discover too. I’m thinking Spain or Korea for my 30th!

(I was born in Seoul but I came to the USA when I was just 3 months old so I don’t remember anything about it!)_

5. What’s Your Current Go-To Workout Song?

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift! It’s such a good running song!


I also really like Welcome to New York also on Taylor’s 1989 album.

6. What is Your Favorite Distance to Run?

Right now? Three miles. My legs are feeling tired and a nice little run sounds like a great idea.

Ultimately though, I like long runs, and would probably say 14-15 miles are two of my favorite distances to run. That’s longer than a half marathon which makes me feel pretty cool, but it’s not so long that I’m running for a million hours and completely exhausted for the rest of the day!

7. What is Your Dream Race?

The one where I win the the Western States 100.

Oh wait, I’m not supposed to list a race dream, but a dream race? Hmm… running WS100 or the Hardrock 100! Those are both out of the realm of possibility for me, but a girl can dream right?


Realistically, I’d love to do a run in an international location like the Big 5 Marathon in Africa or some place cold where I can run by glaciers.

8. What Would You Do with a $1000 Gift Card?

A $1,000 gift card to where?! This question is so hard to answer. Whenever I receive a gift card I always feel so much pressure to spend it on something really good and I take forever deciding on what to get!

9. If You Could Go on a Bicycle Ride for Two with Anyone, Living or Dead, Who Would It Be? 

Ray Allen? See question number one!

10. What is Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure Snack?

CHEETOS! YUM! I could eat a whole bag of Natural Baked Cheetos in one sitting. Oh man, yes I could!

Now it’s your turn! Who would YOU go for a bike ride with if it could be with anyone living or dead? Bucket list place to travel to?

PS: If you didn’t catch my 12-mile long run video recap yesterday you can see it here :)

Weekly Rundown: I’m Earning My Marathon Legs

You know how they say it takes a while for a sailor to earn his “sea legs”? Well, it takes a few weeks of training to earn your “marathon legs” and I think I’ve got them. My legs are tired and sore and … strong.

I filmed a short vlog after my 12-mile long run this weekend where I talk about having doubts. Basically, last year I headed into marathon training with a solid 14-mile long run base whereas this year I had an up-and-down spring with low mileage due to hip bursitis.

After filming this video and reflecting a bit more, I realized that while I may feel tired and sore after just 12 miles… that 12 miles isn’t exactly peanuts. It’s a pretty significant chunk of miles! Maybe I’m not where I was at this time last year, but I am building back to that. I really think when I get to the starting line in October I will somehow be in PR shape.

I just need to keep reminding myself the soreness I am feeling now is just my strength returning to me!

Here’s my rundown from last week:


Monday: Complete rest day
Tuesday: 1 mile warmup, 6 x 400, 1 mile cool down
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: 6 miles w/4 at marathon pace  Rest day
Friday: 60 minutes stationary bike for active recovery
Saturday: 12 mile long run
Sunday: Rest

Total: 28 22 miles

Definitely not my finest week but really not terrible since I got in one workout and the long run.

Aside from running, I actually spent a good portion of this weekend with my coworkers. Our newly renovated office will be ready for move-in TODAY so my boss asked us to come by on Saturday to help with decorating so we could really make the space feel personalized.

I’m not done with my space yet, but I did get off to a good start! If we’re friends on Instagram you’ll have seen a few snaps go up this weekend!

A before of my office space:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.42.15 PM

And a current shot:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.42.23 PM

Since my boss is allowing us to really personalize our office areas, I knew I wanted to put up my race medals somewhere since they just sit in my closest at home. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them though, so when my art director said “let’s hang them from the ceiling” I went with it. I do think it looks really cool and since I have plenty of rafter space above me, there is lots of room for future medals!

I also bought these three prints on Etsy for about $5 each:

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.45.39 PM

I choose prints that all had the same color scheme (even though they were made by different illustrators).

One is a palm tree to represent my love of the beach, one is an illustration of the state of Florida with a shot of Miami beach as the filler to represent Miami (where my office is located) and the third one says “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change it” which I thought tied the race medals in with the rest of the decor since the saying represents both my work life and my running life!

I bought the white frames at Target for about $17 each. (Why are frames so expensive?!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.46.25 PM

Overall I’m super happy with how everything is taking shape! :)

I’m especially pleased with this little nook next to my desk that my boss sponsored (LOL) so that I could have a place to chill out with my laptop.


I initially asked for a standing desk but it wouldn’t have worked in this spot. Oh well,  I think I like this little layout better anyway!

I am looking forward to finishing up with the decorations this week and really making the renovated space feel like my home away from home, since that is what it is!

I hope that you had a fun filled weekend and got in a run or two as well :).

Any decoration ideas for my space? I need to still fill up some wall space. 

How did your long run go this weekend? Could it get any hotter out?! 

PS: If you didn’t see my vlog from Friday I’d love for you to check it out. It recaps my day in Miami filming a commercial. It’s less than a minute long so it won’t take up too much of your time!

A Day in the Life: Filming in Miami

Hi there! Sorry I wasn’t able to pop up a new post yesterday, but I had to get into bed early on Wednesday because the advertising agency I work for was shooting a commercial bright and early on Thursday morning.

I’m the digital marketing director so I don’t normally get to go on video shoots, but I asked specifically if I could go to this one because it was for one of my favorite clients!

I’ve put together a short video recapping the day here:

For those that didn’t watch the video or who would like to see behind the scenes snaps I couldn’t share in the video, keep scrolling! :)

I arrived to Miami Beach around 8am to mostly empty streets:


^ I snapped this while waiting at a stop light on the bridge – safety first!

We were filming the commercial at a gorgeous house on Miami Beach that’s just off the Venetian Causeway. If you have ever run the Miami Marathon or Half Marathon you have run on the Venetian as well as the bridge that I snapped this picture from. (Watch the video and you’ll recognize some of the areas!).



From the deck and pool area of the house you can see the Port of Miami as well as the whole city!


I texted Adam a picture from location with the caption HOUSE GOALS!!! I heard that the home is owned by the family that created bubble wrap but I was never able to confirm that.

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.12.58 AM

We filmed some of the prettiest shots of the day out here on the deck. I felt so bad for our actress though because Miami in the middle of August is humid and hot no matter what time of day it is.

Good thing we had a pro makeup artist on hand. She was seriously amazing and the makeup never moved an inch! I noticed that she mostly used Laura Mercier makeup products so I might have to splurge since I am often running around sweating my makeup off!



Only part of the commercial was shot outdoors though. Another part was shot inside the master bathroom …. and WOW what a bathroom!

20150716_123955It was huge, and although you can’t see it here, the bathroom looks out over the water as well and has the same view as from the pool.

The shoot lasted eight hours after which I had to go by the office for a little bit. After mostly standing for eight hours straight my legs were exhausted… actually all of me was exhausted. I came home, ate a snack and fell into bed. I had intended to get up after just 30 minutes to go for a run, but I ended up sleeping through the night!

I hope you had a great day yesterday, that you have a great day today and that you enjoyed this sneak peek behind the scenes!

(PS: I’m so excited because while editing this video I learned how to add a voice over and background music! I’m becoming a pro, haha)

What’s your favorite thing about your job? 

Have you ever run the Miami Marathon or Half? Did you recognize some of the areas in my video?!

Those 400s Felt Like a Breeze

The theme of the day for me yesterday seemed to be, crazy hair don’t care.

I’ve been working from home the last couple of weeks and it seems like I’ve fallen into a routine of not brushing my hair until the middle of the afternoon!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.40.17 PM

Middle of the afternoon? Okay, that was a lie. I didn’t actually brush my hair until 9pm at night when I took a shower. After my run I was really looking worse for wear!

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.38.59 PM

It’s a really good thing that the renovations at my office will be completed by the end of this week and I’ll be back to my normal morning routine (which consists of showering and brushing my hair) next week!

Until then… the crazy hair, don’t care party continues!

After a much needed complete rest day on Monday, my workout yesterday was a really good one!

Warmup: 1 mile
6 x 400 @ 11:15/mi
6 x: 400 @ recovery pace
Cool down: 1 mile

Total: 5 miles

After last week’s 800s, the 400s felt like a breeze! I knocked out the miles on the treadmill and then treated myself to a frozen pizza since Adam was at a work dinner.

I really need to get outdoors for a run tomorrow because I have been sent an awesome new sports watch to try out – The TIMEX IRONMAN® ONE GPS watch! 

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10

TIMEX kindly sent me one watch to try out and one watch to GIVEAWAY so keep an eye out because I’ll be hosting the giveaway very soon! :)

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.46.25 PM

I hope to have a review for you by this time next week. I’ll be sure to compare it to my Garmin Vívoactive and my old Garmin 220. I have a friend who runs with the Garmin Fenix so I might ask her to try it out and give me a comparison as well.

Until then, I hope you have a great rest of the day and that you have a killer run today! :)

Do you incorporate 400s into your training or do you mostly stick to 800s?

What other types of speedwork do you like to do?

On Target

Hellooo! I just want to say thank you so much for the kind words about the video I shared yesterday. I think sharing video is so much more personal because I can’t select my best angles (LOL) and you can see all of my weird mannerisms!

I have another video to share today with a couple of products I just picked up this weekend at Target.

(This post is NOT sponsored. I bought everything with my own money.)

Since Mondays will be a rest day for me going forward for the next couple of months, I am planning to use Tuesdays as a day to share products that I’m really liking. Part of this is because this is the Summer of New Stuff for me. I tend to always buy the same things over and over and this year I want to branch out. Another reason I want to do these is because product reviews are easy to do on video and I really want to get better at video stuff.

Here’s the video:

I’ll also review some of the products down below – including one thing that’s not in the video! This one is mostly for the ladies :).

FINALLY a New Nail Polish Color!

You know that I’m a huge fan of Pink Blink by Sally Hansen and have been wearing it for ages. This weekend I finally picked up a new color: Lively Lilac!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.07.20 PM

I know this is going to sound familiar but I LOVE IT! I just know I’m going to be wearing this one for… forever!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.08.43 PM

AND a New Lipstick!

While I was at CVS the other day I spotted a rack of Selma Hayak beauty products and grabbed a lipstick in the color My Favorite.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.09.24 PM

I can see why Selma calls it her favorite because it’s my favorite right now too! The color is what I would call “my lip color but better.”

The lipstick goes on super smooth and creamy. It feels extremely hydrating and looks lovely. However, it comes off really quickly and easily. As soon as you take a sip of a drink… poof, it’s gone and you have to reapply. I don’t really mind it too much, but I know long-lasting color is important to a lot of people.

I’m not sure if you can really tell the color from this picture. I tried to get good lighting in several different spots but had a hard time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.10.16 PM

You can build the color up so that it’s dark(er) like I’m wearing it or you can leave it light and it’ll look like a natural lip color.

This Body Butter is AMAZING

Okay, in the video I embedded above I go on and on about this Boots coconut body butter. It is simply the BEST body butter I have ever used.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.07.35 PM

It’s thick but not greasy at all and the light beach-y scent lasts so so so long! I put a little bit on my arms before I went for a run and by the time I got done I could still smell it on me! That’s some serious staying power!

Flowy New Top!

I’m going to be on set to film a commercial this Thursday for work and I wanted something lightweight and flowy to wear since we’ll be on set for about 12 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.07.57 PM

I think this little top will do the job! It’s very lightweight even though it looks like denim and it hangs loose and flowy.

This is going to be my very first time on set for the filming of a commercial and I am VERY excited!

I started my career at Comcast and often got to be on set for the filming of local shows which sounds cool but was really kind of boring. This commercial is going to be the real deal though so I think being on set will be super fun!

Can’t wait! :)

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This just means that if you make a purchase using my link I will make a small commission that I will put right back into this blog. 

Any new products that you’re loving right now? 

Weekly RUNdown!

Happy Monday! I hope your week is already off to a productive start. If you’re reading this before 10AM the most productive thing I’ve probably done so far is make a cup of coffee … so I hope you’re ahead of me!

I was productive last night and edited a video where I talk about my training (and make my favorite smoothie)! You can watch the video below OR you can just read on because I wrote about many of the same things in this post!

1. My mom officially has a place to live down here and will start moving in just a couple of weeks! After only two days of looking she found a really nice condo to rent for the next year. It’s not exactly her dream retirement home, but by finding a new rental for a year she gives herself ample time to find that dream place! I’M SO EXCITED to finally have her down here!

My mom doesn’t know it yet, but pretty soon she’s going to start training for a 5K!

2. My marathon training is most definitely in full swing. My legs are already feeling the effects of cumulative fatigue… I like it but I am exhausted! Thank goodness for today being a complete rest day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.31.21 PM

If anyone out there is thinking about incorporating back-to-backs into your marathon training routine I cannot stress how important it is to take your easy runs SUPER easy. Last week a couple of my easy runs were done at 14:45 pace… no joke! I know that easy running is the one thing that allowed me to make it through speedwork and another round of back to backs!

3. Here’s my weekly rundown from last week:

20150131_171417 (1)

Monday: REST
Tuesday:  2 miles + 4 x 800
Wednesday: 5 miles easy
Thursday: 6 mile tempo
Friday: Active recovery (walking)
Saturday: 6 miles easy
Sunday: 10 miles easy

4. I’m makin’ videos! I filmed two videos this weekend and simultaneously editing them and working on this blog post.

When I went to film the first video this weekend I realized I don’t have a tripod that fits my DSLR or my new little Samsung camera, so I had to create a makeshift little holder. Those nail polish bottles are literally holding the camera up!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.31.58 PM

You do whatcha gotta do!

I am a little worried that you are going to think these two initial videos are boring because they are on topics I’ve blogged about fairly recently – but I am trying to seed my YouTube channel with the basic things I think about most/love the most, so the first few videos might be similar to my written blogs.

Eventually my videos and blog posts will be different but complimentary (I hope)!

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.32.22 PM

Alrighty! I hope you have a great Monday and if you watch the video (even just 30 seconds of it) let me know what you think in the comments below or on YouTube! THANK YOU :)

If you’re in marathon training, how are you feeling – a bit tired or still super excited about every run? 

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Hey there! I apologize again for being that person whose constantly like, “OMG I’M SO BUSY” but that’s really what my life feels like right now.

Work is just as busy as ever and my mom is currently in town condo shopping. Every minute of the day that I’m not working I’m spending scouting the area (which is fun but tiring)!

I wasn’t able to pop up a post yesterday because my Monday was extra crazy. Why? Well, let me put it this way: I was running around between a bunch of meetings and my laptop battery died so I had to stop into an Apple store so I could work from their computers!


Thank you to the Boca Raton Apple store for letting me spend an hour using one of the new Macbook Air’s while I prepped for my next meeting. Honestly, I’m now thinking about upgrading to a Macbook Air. I have a Macbook Pro but it’s four years old now. I think it’s time for a new one!

That’s all budget permitting though because I’ve been splashing money out getting ready to really do this video blogging (and vlogging) thing! (If you’re not familiar with what a vlog is it’s just a blog in video format. Usually a vlogger carries his or her camera around all day, filming lots of footage that gets edited town to a 5 to 15 minute video showcasing what happened that day.)

In January I blogged about really wanting to get into video this year to improve my editing skills and to just kind of see what vlogging is all about. I made a couple of videos in January and then I stopped as life got more hectic because editing takes some serious time. I’m just about set to get rolling again though!

I have my trusty Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera that I’ll be using for planned out videos, and I just bought a small Samsung camera to vlog with.


What makes this Samsung camera perfect for daily vlogging is that it has a front facing display so I can see what I’m doing while filming on-the-go!


How cool is that? I love it!

I also invested in a small lighting kit so that the videos I film at night (or early morning) have proper lighting.


I’m not entirely sure yet if I’m going to film my planned out videos at my desk or somewhere else, but for now that’s where I have things set up.


It’s hard to tell how nice the lights are from this angle, but when I’m underneath the lights everything is nice and bright!

I’m really excited to get started. You’ll start seeing videos from me next week! :) A big theme for my videos this year will be documenting my Chicago training. I want to try and film a video right after each of my long runs and to document what building mileage, doing speedwork and handling back-to-back long runs is like! I’m really excited about it and I hope you end up liking the videos too!

Do you watch a lot of video online? Do you like any vloggers or YouTubers? 
- I watch Essie Button’s vlogs and Amelia Liana’s vlogs!