A Running Update!

My running this week has been completely nonexistent.

Total mileage: 0.

I’ve been putting in 10 hour days at work, getting ready for vacation and just generally trying to listen to my body and rest my hips so that the bursitis gets resolved as quickly as possible.

By the time you read this I will already be in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship. We left yesterday afternoon! (Don’t worry Cecil’s babysitter cat sitter is on duty and taking good care of him!)

Taken during last year's cruise through the east Caribbean.

Taken during last year’s cruise through the east Caribbean.

My goal for this cruise is to do the four R’s:

  • Rest
  • Re-charge
  • Read
  • Run

My hips are feeling a lot better after what feels like way too many days off in a row. It’s been about a week!

I can now easily sleep on either side without any discomfort in my hips, and I haven’t felt the searing pain in my hips or even those awful lower back aches in a couple of days now. I think I’m healed and ready to start slowly getting back into running.

During this trip my hope is to run 1 – 4 miles each day based completely on feel.

I am planning to try and get at least one outdoor run in when we dock in Cozumel.

From last year's trip to Cozumel.

From last year’s trip to Cozumel.

While the water is absolutely gorgeous in Cozumel, the area in which I know I’ll run isn’t really the nicest. I think the path I run in Fort Lauderdale far exceeds it (I’m so biased, I know!).

HOWEVER, I love syncing my Garmin in international locations and even though we’ve been to Cozumel many times I’ve never gone running there! It’s time to rectify that situation!

Even if I only run one mile in Cozumel that will be one more mile than I’ve run all week and I know it’ll feel good to get the legs moving again.

I hope that you had a great week and are looking forward to some fun activities this weekend!

How many states and/or countries have you run in? 

These Are My (Career) Confessions

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career lately due to the circumstances at work, and I thought I’d share a bit about my background. This post doesn’t include any running so I understand if you skip it :).

(I haven’t run all week – I’ll post about it tomorrow – but I am starting to feel a lot better.)

These are My Confessions

csWhen I was a sophomore in high school I read Confessions of a Shopaholic and it changed my life.

Up until that point I had no idea what type of career path I wanted to follow. I was teetering between astronaut and maybe something to do with international relations. I would also have gladly accepted the job of pop star (a la Britney Spears) but I kind of knew that wasn’t realistic.

Then one day I started reading “Confessions” and I found my calling. The main character is Becky Bloomwood; she’s a shopaholic. She loves buying expensive clothes, purses, accessories… she is unable to resist the call of beautiful new things. Unfortunately she doesn’t have the money to support such a lifestyle and she’s heavily in debt.

Eventually she meets Luke Brandon; he’s smooth, he’s handsome and he’s rich. Becky and Luke fall in love, get married, yadda yadda.

Becky isn’t the character that I started self-identifying with. I mean, like many other 15 year old girls I was really into shopping and I liked luxury brands, but I did’t want to be Becky.

I wanted to be Luke. He was smart, he owned his own company and he was really successful.

Luke’s company is called Brandon Communications and it’s a Public Relations (PR) firm.

I didn’t totally understand what PR was at the time, but in the middle of reading the “Confessions” book series I decided that I was going to have a career in PR.

Picking a Major in College

Eating healthy.

Eating healthy.

When I graduated high school I was accepted to a few universities and ended up going to the University of Central Florida in Orlando on a scholarship. Like most kids coming from a small town and suddenly living in a “big city” with tons of new found freedom I goofed off and enjoyed freshman life to the fullest

I also declared Public Relations as my major and was obsessed with the idea of studying it and really getting out there and doing it. Unfortunately I still didn’t have a clear picture of what IT was.

During my junior year of college when I finally started taking PR classes I found out that I was pretty lucky because I did like the idea of PR. It seemed to suit my skills well.

At that time I also transferred from UCF to Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton because some guy I was seeing had transferred there and I missed him. (That guy and I will celebrate 11 years of being together this year!)

FAU didn’t offer a major in Public Relations so I entered the closest program which was Communications. I was bummed because I thought majoring in Communications was a step down; it just seemed so generic and bland. It ended up working out perfectly though because I met the professor who inspired me to go to grad school, which was an amazing experience. She also turned me into a liberal.

Getting THE Job

I started my first corporate job the Monday after I graduated. I worked for some big Fortune 500 company and was really unhappy. My job was a blend of marketing and PR but I really wanted to do PR all the way.

I still had a really idealized notion of what PR was.  I was going to get my company in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal and it was going to be awesome.


Flash forward nine months and I left the big corporate world when I landed a job as the PR Manager for an Inc. 500 company. I was so much happier there. I loved the culture of working for a small but super successful business. Everyone focused on getting shit done. I like that. I hate long meetings, conference calls, team building exercises, blah blah. That’s not for me.

What I discovered in that job is that PR is also not for me. I was okay at it; I got my company in magazines like Ad Age and even Forbes. I didn’t find the process at all enjoyable though, not even the part where I saw my company’s name in print.

What I really wanted was to get back into marketing, but not the way I had done it before.  I wanted to do marketing all the way.

Starting My Own Business

The small but successful company that I worked for grew really quickly during a short period of time and the culture within the organization became uncomfortable and unenjoyable for me. Not to mention, after working for some really amazing entrepreneurs, I was ready to try my hand at running my own business.

So I quit.

I rented an office on the first floor of this building.

I rented an office on the first floor of this building.

I started my own marketing consultancy and was quite successful. I found that I was very good at running campaigns and even finding and landing my own clients. In less than a year I moved out of my home office and into a really nice office building. I even hired two contractors to help me handle all of the work.

I learned that I really had a passion for marketing, but I was too inexperienced to run my own business. I was constantly stressed by all the little things you have to do as a business owner; I was only 25 years old.

I was sort of happy but definitely in over my head.


Then one random day I got an email from my current boss. He found me on LinkedIn and wanted to know if I would be at all interested in meeting with him to talk about his agency and a position he had open.

I went to meet him with no expectations. I hadn’t yet fully decided if I would even really be willing to give up my consultancy, but when we talked I really liked what he had to say. He made me an offer right away and I took all of 15 minutes to consider it before accepting.

It was a good offer to join a great team. I was sad to give up my consultancy, but I had hired good contractors who I was able to easily pass my clients onto. It worked out really well.

For the first time in my life I really liked my team and the work. Two of my colleagues have worked for my boss since he started the agency 20 years ago! In my opinion that’s the sign of a great work environment and a boss who treats his employees well.


These Days

Now the agency I work for is merging with another larger agency. I can already see how things are changing. The team dynamic is quite different and the culture is too. Since my boss first told us about the merger I’ve been nervous about the transition. When the last company I worked for grew quickly overnight I didn’t really love the result.

Of course back then I was just a small cog in the wheel, and this time around I am in a leadership position and have the opportunity to shape how things turn out.

I hope to lead my example, earn the respect of my colleagues and help the merged company grow into something special.

In many ways this is the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life. It’s giving me the chance to do something I like (marketing) and also tap into my entrepreneurial side again (to a degree).

I’ve been asked to give the agency a three year commitment to ensure a smooth transition and to oversee my department’s growth during these crucial first years as a newly merged single entity.

If I agree to the three year deal I’ll be 31 when it’s all said and done.

When I was 15 years old and flipping through the pages of Shopaholic this is kind of what I imagined my life would be like. I couldn’t see the details, but I more or less envisioned I would work in PR/marketing and be smooth and successful like Luke Brandon.

You could argue that I’m not quite as smooth as he is but I’m working on it!

How did you decide on your career path? Did you always know what you wanted to do?

Note: this is the (long) cliff-notes version of my career so far. It doesn’t include grad school, my internships or my brief foray into the startup world. 

Working Out & Fighting the Wage Gap

So, it turns out my apartment complex has a pretty nice yoga room that is empty 99.9% of the time!


^ Finding this was like opening a great present on Christmas morning!

(Kim, please come visit and show me the best way to use everything!)

20150412_193152I loved having the whole yoga/workout room to myself. I usually put my earbuds in and block everything out when I’m in the gym, but truthfully sometimes I can feel self conscious. It was nice to have a quiet room all to myself! (Although I did eventually move on to the gym.)

To help me achieve my 3 minute forearm plank goal I did:

  • 5 one minute planks

(I really need to go for the full three minutes again. I really think I can do it, I’m just mentally struggling with it.)

To help me achieve my chest press goal of 5 x 5 @ 60lbs I did:

  • 5 x 5 @ 50lbs

To help me achieve my goal of one unassisted pull-up I did:

  • 2 x 5 assisted pull-ups

I also did some other conditioning work and upper body strength. I can safely say that my core will be extra sore tomorrow, but I know that will help me when I finally get back to running in a couple of days!

I also did more experimental cooking. I know the zucchini chips from yesterday’s post and the below pasta dish are completely basic, but I hardly ever cook, so these things are pretty adventurous for me!

Homemade Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese 


Ingredients are simple: any type of pasta you like, fresh spinach, bag of shredded cheese and one cup of plain Greek yogurt.

1. Cook the pasta.

2. Put the fresh spinach leaves in your colander and drain the pasta over it to wilt the leaves.

3. Put pasta back in the pot and mix in your desired amount of shredded cheese (1/2 cup worked for me) along with 1/4 cup warm water and stir until cheese is melted.

4. Add in your 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt to give the cheese sauce a creamy texture.

5. Season with garlic or onion powder (to balance out the tart taste of the Greek yogurt)

DONE! I really liked it. It’s definitely not as wonderfully cheesy as regular mac and cheese, but it’s still flavorful and delicious.

(Recipe is from here.)

The Gender Wage Gap

While I may be getting a bit more into cooking, my place as a woman is certainly not in the kitchen (although I think it’s okay if that’s what you choose; the choice part is the important part).

I pride myself on having a successful career that I’ve worked hard for and today on Equal Pay Day I hope that all of my female readers are thinking about their value in the workplace.


The Wage Gap is real and it’s time to negotiate for our worth. Just look at this chart and tell me it doesn’t strike a negative cord:


As many of you know the company I work for is going through a merger and I’ve recently received a promotion that elevated my job title to director. Along with the job title upgrade came the option to negotiate for a new compensation package.

In fact, the merger has not officially gone through yet, and I am still in the middle of negotiations (even though I’ve already taken on the role of director to help see my department through the merger).

Since I’m still negotiating I can’t get into too many details, but I do think it’s important to share a little bit about the process.

This is the first time in my life that I have ever negotiated my compensation package. In the past I have given my desired salary range and then accepted what was offered. That’s no longer the case. I recently received an initial offer and it isn’t in line with what I think is fair.

My boss has always fairly compensated me through a base salary, annual bonuses and a very nice benefits package including retirement matching. I can only assume he put out this first offer on the table thinking that I would negotiate.

I could just accept the offer. It’s not a bad offer, but it’s not a great one either. Accepting the offer would be the comfortable thing to do, but accepting less than I feel I’m worth would also kill my motivation; therefore I owe it to myself and the company to negotiate.

If you’ve been too nervous to ask for a raise or to negotiate a higher salary because it makes you feel uncomfortable, I definitely understand. In fact, numerous studies (Harvard Business Review) over the years have shown that women are much more reluctant to negotiate their salaries than men. 

I think negotiating my salary is VERY uncomfortable, but I also understand in this situation if I don’t stand up for myself no one else will. I also hope that negotiating my salary will help other women in the organization get fairly compensated,  and finally I know that by getting what I perceive as a fair package I will stay motivated and want to help the company achieve big goals.

Did you know….

  • Among full-time, year-round workers, women are typically paid 78% of what men are paid
  • The pay gap is worse for women of color
  • When you account for all factors know to affect pay, women are still paid almost 7% less then men just one year after college – and the gap only grows from there 

In a time when women are more likely to graduate college, but still earn less than men, we have to speak up for ourselves. 

Ladies, if it’s been too long since you’ve received a raise, it’s time to ask for one. Go to bat for yourself! When you are fairly compensated your company will benefit from a motivated and invested employee that wants to go the extra step.

I really liked the negotiating advice Sheryl Sandberg gives in this article, and I’ll be sure to use it going forward.

I hope you will too.

Have you ever negotiated your salary? How about the price of your car? I loved negotiating the price of my car! When you are well informed you can feel confident going into negotiations! 

I Survived a Weekend of No Running!

While I didn’t go for a single run this weekend, my days were still pretty great!

I started taking anti-inflammatories regularly after seeing the emergency clinic doctor on Saturday morning and have felt A LOT better since then. My hips still ache a bit if I sit for too long, but the burning has mostly gone away, and I even slept through the night on Saturday!

(Thank you to everyone who commented about not running on the sand. I am going to ring the doctor today and ask him to clarify if he meant running on hard/packed sand and what the repercussions could be. I’ll let you know what he says!)

20150411_192854Saturday evening Adam and I headed down to Miami for the HEAT game!

We had gotten a great deal on super close seats off of StubHub … and what an experience that was! (I love StubHub!)

During the years that LeBron was here we would pay an arm and a leg to sit in sections 300-400 where the players look just marginally bigger than ants. Having seats just feet from the court was amazing!

I got a good in-person look at Goran Dragić and I didn’t hate what I saw ;).

The HEAT lost in what was a pretty tragic ending to an otherwise good game. We’re now all but eliminated from the playoffs – but I’m still happy to have gotten to one last game before the season ends.

After such an amazing four year run with the Big 3 it’s weird to not be saving my pennies for playoff tickets, but what can you do? We’ll come back stronger next year when Bosh and McRoberts are healthy again!



20150411_210208 (1)

Since the NBA season is winding down, I have to ask the all important question: IS IT TIME FOR FOOTBALL YET?! I’m ready! :)

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.17.49 PM

Sunday Adam and I had Couples Gym Time! (That just means we went to the gym together at the same time, haha.)

I am working hard towards my goal of being able to do an unassisted pull-up! It’s gonna happen guys!

Since I’m not able to put all of my energy into running right now, I’m focusing in on some important core/strength goals!

  • Do 1 unassisted pull-up by winter
  • Chest press 5 x 5 @ 60lbs
    (I currently do 50lbs, but used to be able to do 80lbs)
  • Hold a 3 minute forearm plank

Obviously this is my favorite song to listen to while lifting :) :

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 8.05.23 PM

After the gym I decided to try a new snack recipe – zucchini chips! These are the simplest and tastiest snack.


Thinly slice your zucchini and lay out on a pan, spritz some olive oil or canola oil on the chips and shake on your favorite seasonings. I used onion and garlic powder.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 5.08.40 PM

Bake for an hour (or a little longer) at 230*F and you’ll have yourself a nice little batch of chips. I filled a whole cookie sheet sized pan expecting to have enough to share, but sadly it turns out there was only enough for me ;).

If you’re less selfish you might find you can spare a chip or two for someone else.


The chips aren’t exactly crunchy like potato chips but they taste so good you won’t mind!

I’m not sure who to credit the recipe to as I think zucchini chips are like chocolate chip cookies – the recipe has been around forever and everyone has their own version, but I got the idea from here.

To round out the weekend Adam and I spent some quality time with this guy:


Since we’ll be leaving him for a few days to go on vacation (why can’t cats go on cruises?!) we bought him a bunch of new toys.

He’s used to Adam working from home and spending all day with him so when we leave he gets pretty bad separation anxiety. Hopefully the new toys will keep him occupied and he won’t even realize we’re gone!

Just a couple more days of work to go before we sail!

How was your weekend? Were you able to get in any outdoor activities? 

NEW Hip Diagnosis + An Action Plan + An Irrational Fear

In my last post I wrote that my right hip was starting to feel better but that my left hip had started acting up. Well, after writing that, I woke up the next morning with BOTH hips just absolutely burning.

I didn’t have time make time to see my doctor so I popped some over the counter pain meds and went about my day. I hate taking any kind of pills. I hardly ever even take Advil when I have a headache (which drives Adam crazy because I just moan-and-groan until it’s over!).

All of this is to say that when I do voluntarily take pain pills it usually means I’m really feeling bad. The Advil dulled the pain in my hips and I felt pretty good the rest of the day.

This all leads up to last night.

I went to bed feeling good and fell asleep right away. However, I woke up in the middle of the night and both of my hips were BURNING again and I could not get comfortable.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get an appt. with my doctor today (last minute, Saturday, etc.) so I went to the emergency clinic. In a turn of luck the doctor on duty was also a runner and I felt like he really understood everything I was saying.

He said I have bursitis in both hips.

“Typically the pain is worse at night, when lying on the affected hip, and when getting up from a chair after being seated for a while. It may also get worse with prolonged walking, stair climbing or squatting.”


The #1 risk factor for getting bursitis of the hips? Repetitive stress from running (walking, cycling, standing, etc.).

Here’s my action plan from the doctor:

  • Low mileage for a week – no hills or bridges
  • Don’t set out for a specific distance/pace just go by feel
  • Stretch the IT band and hamstrings really good
  • Do heat/cold treatment on the hips every day
  • Take anti-inflammatories

The doc. said I should be feeling back to normal in 7 to 10 days. FIngers crossed. He also recommended that I run at least one day a week on a soft surface to reduce the pounding that my hips take. “Try running on the sand!” We’ll see about that, doc :)

I prefer just laying on the sand afterwards :)

I prefer just laying on the sand afterwards!

Provided I get back to running seven days from now it will be about THREE WEEKS since I have done any meaningful training!!!!

When I spoke with my coach she said the important words, “I want to encourage you to not stress out about your running at all. You still have lots of time until Chicago…”

Of course that’s completely true BUT I have this irrational fear that when I take an extended period of time off from running I’ll just stop being a runner. 

This week Richard wrote about having those same kind of worrisome thoughts as well. He had to take an extended period of time off from running earlier this year but is ramping back up now.

Seeing Richard write: “The fire and spark are coming back fierce and I really have to temper it to avoid getting injured again…. it’s exciting to feel that passion and still enjoy running this much” really made me feel better. I’m sure that is what will happen for me too!

I need to shove this ridiculous irrational fear under the table because it’s just crazy! Of course I’m still going to be a runner a week from now!

Do you have any irrational fears when it comes to running?

Hey! Let’s Catch Up!

I think it’s safe to say my life has been a whirlwind of work this week; actually “hurricane” might be a better word to use. I think I’ve almost made it through the storm though.

I can see clear skies ahead!


The good great news is that my right hip has really loosened up, but you won’t believe this (or maybe you will)…

Last night when I got done with my (super short) run my left hip seized up. I have no idea what’s going on now. I’ve been stretching both hips equally, so I don’t know why this one is tight all of a sudden.

My shoulder also got tight on that side as well later in the night. I really wonder if it’s just stress messing with me and causing tension in different spots.

Is that a real thing? I think it is.

Between hip tightness, going into work super early and getting home from work late, I haven’t been running much. Last night was the first time I had run since Sunday and I only did 1.5 miles.


Do I look as tired as I feel? :)

Honestly, I felt so out of it during that short run too. I kept wondering if I was just having a bad day, or if it was possible that I had lost all if my running fitness already! I mean it’s only been a couple of weeks!

I think I just need to get some really good sleep and reset on my quickly approaching cruise.

I. Can’t. Wait.

For those of you who asked if I run on the sand at the beach the other day, the answer is HECK NO! haha

I run on a sidewalk next to the sand:


I have run on the sand before but it is TOUGH. I don’t even like walking on the sand! :) I mean talk about working your calves!

I’d rather just admire the water and sand from a short distance.



It’s beautiful isn’t it?

With the weekend in sight I am really looking forward to sleeping in, going to see a Miami HEAT game and getting my running back on track!

(Sorry if this post was kind of a downer, I’m looking forward to getting back to writing positive posts too!)

What’s been going on with you? Any spectacular runs? Have a race this coming weekend? Any awesome new running songs I should check out?

Cotton Candy Skies

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 6am and I headed down to the beach for a sunrise run.


These used to be so typical for me, but I haven’t done one in a while. Since the beginning of the year I had been either starting my runs later (because the weather was cooler) or I had run on the treadmill.

Well, the weather is no longer cooler and I suspect that the treadmill has something to do with my hip tightness. I obviously can’t prove that, but the hip tightness started up right around the time I began running on the treadmill more often. Aside from the occasional hill workout, I won’t be doing anymore treadmill running for a while!


^ I love when the sky looks like cotton candy. It’s so pretty.

Not so pretty was the 88% humidity. I felt like I was running through a sauna and was glad that I was only doing three miles and not a long run.


My hip felt a little tight immediately after the run but I stretched really good and it loosened up quickly!

Ohh and guess what? I recently applied for a Fort Lauderdale resident beach parking pass. I have no idea why it’s taken me this long!

I enjoy running down to the beach, but the downside to that is you don’t really get to enjoy the beach when you’re done. You run down to it and then you run home. The advantage of driving to the beach is that when you’re done you can stick around, stretch and lounge on the sand before going home!


I’ll probably alternate which days I drive there and which days I run there, but I really like having the option!


I suppose I could have driven down there before I had a parking pass but the cost to park is $1.75 an hour! On one hand that’s outrageous for parking, on the other hand it would be a daily incentive to work on running faster! ;)

I’m hoping this week I’ll be able to get back onto a normal running schedule. I’ve been missing it!

Best part of your weekend? Get in some good miles?

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I haven’t run since Wednesday’s 3-miler.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.23.53 PM

The exciting news is that my hip is really starting to feel a lot looser!! I can go long periods of time without thinking about it or feeling it. The doctor said there is nothing really wrong with it; I’ve just got a bad case of tightness.

If I’m being really honest with myself, I think at the beginning of all this stuff with the hip I was relieved to be taking a break from running and racing. I had been trying to psych myself up about a 5K season but my heart was never really in that. The confusing part was that my heart also wasn’t really into long runs either.

I would say the last long run I really enjoyed was the Miami Half Marathon which took place way back in January.

Being forced to take a break from running these last few weeks gave me time to reset physically and mentally.

Now I am ready to run again. So ready.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 7.27.35 PM

When I find myself sitting idle for a period of time I’m thinking about running. I’m planning new long run routes in my head. I’m remembering the feelings of accomplishment, pride and satisfaction that go hand-in-hand with a good long run. I’m missing the soreness that comes after a good running workout. I’m missing the breathless feeling that speedwork leaves me with.

It’s time for me to get back into the game.

Absence has made my heart grow fonder for running!

Have you ever wanted to or been glad to take a break from running? I felt confused and guilty about enjoying the break at first, but it has left me re-energized and highly motivated to achieve some big goals this year!

I went for a run!


As you know, last Wednesday was my last real run before hip tightness took over my life.

On Monday of this week I ran one mile on the treadmill just to see if it would make things any worse and it didn’t seem to make a difference. My hip was still tight, but no more tight than it was after a few days of rest.

I took another complete rest day on Tuesday and simply focused on stretching out my hip really good.

Yesterday I woke up and my hip felt decent so I went for a three mile run down by the beach after work.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 9.38.30 PM

I cannot properly express in words how good it felt to run again (but I’ll try). I felt energized, de-stressed, happy and alive! It was only three miles but they were good miles!


I knew Adam would be getting home late so I hung around the beach and watched the moon rise.


When I got home I stretched and stretched some more.

My hip is still tight but I can feel an improvement. There were a couple of nights that it was so tight and sore that I couldn’t even bare to sleep on my side but that’s no longer the case.

It bothers me the worst when I sit for too long, which is a blessing in disguise I suppose since it reminds me to get up and walk around more often than I normally would!

Jen over at Running on Lentils had a similar hip issue a while ago (she also couldn’t sleep on her side). She recommended this Yin Yoga DVD saying that she did it daily until the pain was gone, which took about a week for her. Passing along the link for anyone who might be interested!

I hope you’re having a great week… and if you’re not, the weekend is in sight :)

What’s the weather like by you? Is it warming up? 

Ways People Have Stereotyped Me

Yesterday Kim blogged about how frustrating labels and stereotypes can be. Her post got me thinking about the ways I’ve been stereotyped over time.

“You’re asian so you must be good at math.” Nope. I am terrible at math. Unless I can use a basic calculator to figure it out, I need to defer to someone else. In school I thought scientific calculators were expensive and pointless!


“If you don’t want children it must be because you’re selfish.” Actually, I think it’s selfish for someone to have kids just because it’s the “normal thing to do” even if they don’t want children or cannot properly support a family.

Admittedly, not having children does afford me the disposal income to travel multiple times per year, the ability to plan and save for an early retirement, the freedom to buy the things I want and the enjoyment of getting to spoil my cat.

Picture 7

Those are all nice luxuries I likely wouldn’t get to enjoy if I had children, but to be clear enjoying those things does not make me selfish.

I am not choosing those things over having a child. Rather I decided long ago, and after extensive consideration, that I did not want children and as such I am free to enjoy those things without guilt or the need to excuse my behavior.

“You’re not skinny so when you say you run you must mean you walk.” <–Well, no one has ever said that to my face, but my own mom has, on occasion, asked me how my walking is going! SIGH.

Also on two separate occasions when I told two different people that I ran a half marathon their identical response was, “Wow, that’s more than I could run. How did YOU do it?”

I rubbed a magic lamp and asked the genie to make me a slow runner.


“You’re not skinny so you must actually hate running but do it solely to lose weight.” This one usually comes up when someone who is also “not skinny” finds out that I am a runner. The conversation usually goes, “ugh, running sucks, how much weight have you lost?”

“Well actually, it’s not really about that for me. I’m most proud that I went from running 0 miles to finishing a full marathon. I really like running.”


“Oh wow, so how many calories does running burn?”

That’s usually when I try to find a way to exit the conversation.

Few things frustrate me more then when women try to bond over weight – gaining weight, losing weight, what other people weigh, etc. We are complex human beings and there just HAS to be something better that we can bond over.

“You’re so nice, you must be a pushover.” This is another one that no one has said to my face, but actions speak louder than words. I don’t want to go into details here, but let’s just say a work related event recently showed me that someone thinks because I am nice that he can take advantage of that. Let’s also just say that I called this person out on his BS actions because I am nice but I am definitely not a pushover!

Stereotypes really stink. I know many people have been stereotyped or profiled in much worse ways that I have. Really, I’ve had it easy, but wouldn’t it be great if we could all just keep an open mind? It’s not easy to do but it’s worth trying for.

Have you ever had to deal with an unfair stereotype being placed on you? How did you deal with it?