4th of July Running and Fun!

Hey there! I hope my fellow Americans had a fun 4th of July yesterday. I started my day by getting up for an early morning interval workout in the park before Adam, Cecil and I left for our staycation on the beach.

A storm came through on Tuesday night that brought lower temps, so when I headed out yesterday morning it was only 75 degrees but a whopping 93% humidity. Honestly though I’ll take temps in the 70s any day over the oppressive heat we’ve had so far this summer. I practically felt like I had a spring in my step!

I listened to a podcast about the history of immigration laws in the USA from 1986 to present. Nothing like a good history lesson on the 4th of July! My intervals were supposed to be run at 12:20 pace but were kind of all over the place.

The last few quality runs I’ve had have been really tough. Last week I was way slower than my target pace, which I really attribute to the heat having been totally insane that day. Even though it was cooler yesterday I decided to ignore my Garmin and run by feel, so I was totally surprised to see most of the intervals in the 11s. That being said I really need to try to find some consistency in my pacing. Why is this so hard for me to do?

After my run I went home, showered and climbed back into bed for a couple of hours before packing for our staycation at the beach :). At check-in they gave Cecil a goodie bag which is what he’s checking out on the desk.

In a somewhat discriminatory manner everything says VID for Very Important Dog on it. I guess they don’t get many cat guests…hmph :).

Inside the goodie bag was a gourmet room service menu for dogs, along with some pet wipes, a wee wee pad and other dog stuff. Luckily Cecil has no idea that he’s been discriminated against since I packed a bunch of his favorite treats from home! πŸ™‚

After check-in we just hung out in the room for a couple of hours. Adam and I sat out on the balcony chatting away and looking out at the beach. Our balcony this year is so much bigger than last year. I’m not sure why but I’m also not complaining! I’ll show you when I post the vlog!

*fingers crossed* that the sun comes out today!

In the evening Adam and I went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner and had them pack us up some homemade gelato to bring back to the room to enjoy during the fireworks show!

It amazes me how totally unphased by fireworks Cecil is. I always worry that he’s going to be scared but he just sat in the hotel room looking out at us through the sliding glass doors. He’s such a perfect cat!

Today Adam and I hope to get some time in at the pool and the beach :). I’m looking forward to a few relaxing days before we make the 1.5 mile trek home haha!

How was your 4th of July? Did you set off any fireworks or go see a fireworks show? I hope it was a good one!


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  1. July 5, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Jelly was scared of our neighbor’s fireworks! I think they really laxed the fireworks laws in PA because it seems like amateurs are setting off pretty big fireworks these days…. We always go up to see the fireoworks show of my hometown, Millersburg. They set them off on a barge in the river and everyone from the valley comes out to see them. It’s a really good show and one of the banks sponsors it. We get to sit in a grassy area across from my mom’s house to watch so we don’t have to be with all the crowds on the bank of the river. Even though they enjoyed it last year, as soon as they started, Clementine started bawling, which made Ellie bawl, so Tyler had to take them in the house. Meanwhile, Clark sat on my mom’s lap and just laughed and watched the whole time. It was LOUD. After a little bit, Tyler brought the girls back out wrapped in blankets and covering their ears. Clem sat on Tyler’s lap and Ellie hid under my dad’s chair….