My Third 5K Race is This Sunday

As my inaugural post at Blog About Running I’d like to talk about my third 5K race which is coming up this Sunday.

Training for my third 5K banner

For about the last seven days my training for this 5K has been derailed thanks to a ridiculously sore and sometimes painful right calf. I’ve completed a few two mile runs at a comfortable pace but I’ve also taken a couple of rest days when I hadn’t planned to.

My goal is to PR at this 5K with a finishing time of 39 minutes or less.

This will be my first time running in true South Floridian weather. Up until now our highs have been hovering between the mid-70s and low-80s but Sunday the high is 88.

Luckily the race is early in the morning though it tends to warm up here as soon as the sun hits the horizon. I expect the weather to be somewhere in the low to mid-80s during the 5K. That may slow me down a bit, but I think I can still make my PR as long as my calf doesn’t give me any trouble.

Tonights run:

Mile 1: 14 minute pace
Mile 2: 14 minute pace

My 5K training run tonight brought me up to a total of 28 miles run so far for the month of March. I’m currently 57% of the way towards my goal of running 50 miles for the month.

RunKeeper Graph Showing 57% of March Goal Completed

I’ll need to kick up the length of my training runs next week if I’m going to hit my monthly goal, but I don’t see that being a problem.

And that’s a wrap on my first post here at Blog About Running! If you’re interested in my older posts you can read my previous running blog on tumblr.