6 Ethical Products at Target Under $10

Hey there! A couple years ago I started moving towards buying cruelty free makeup and skincare. As of recent I’ve decided to dive further into this journey by looking for ethical brands for other everyday products.

Here are six affordable everyday items made by ethical brands that I found at Target:

Four of the products are under $5 and two of the products are under $10. In almost all cases I think the ethical brands are somewhat more expensive than their less ethical counterparts. However, you would have to consider that most are made in the United States where labor and materials are more expensive than China (as an example), especially for these companies that would be ordering a smaller volume of products than a huge household named brand.

I have a lot of things I want to say about the political side of shopping ethical. About how companies with a smaller carbon footprint can help us fight against climate change, and how an increased minimum wage could make products made here in the states more affordable for everyone but that’s a post for a different day.

This post is for anyone looking to make small changes to shop ethical brands/products that can be found in Target. I hope you find it insightful!