This Weekend I Ran 7.5 Miles and Timothy Olson Ran 100 Miles (He’s Cooler Than Me)

This weekend was full of naps for me!

On Saturday I napped way more than I care to share, but I still got my 7.5 mile long run in. The best part about the run? It was the first time I nailed my fueling situation!

I ate a small meal a couple of hours before the run which gave it time to digest, and then I brought some Honey Stinger chews and a bag of peanut butter pretzels.


Normally, I stick strictly to the chews but I decided to experiment with “real food” this time to see if it would help curb the hunger I feel towards the end of each long run. The pretzels seemed to do the trick, although I have to say it’s not the best idea to eat peanut butter during a run.

The peanut butter will suck the moisture right out of your mouth! Next time I think I’ll just bring plain pretzels instead.

Aside from running and napping my weekend was also filled with football and … more running, though not done by me.

One of my favorite ultrarunners, Timothy Olson, ran the Run Rabbit Run 100-miler this weekend.

Timothy Olson at Run Rabbit Run 100

(Image Credit: iRunFar / Matt Curtis)

Tim came in fifth with a time of 19hrs 46mins 33seconds. Mind you, this man just won the Western States 100 earlier this summer and came in fourth at the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) a couple weeks ago. In other words: Tim is awesome.

His blog, Sole to Soul Rhythm is one of my favorite things to read. If you want to know what goes through an elite ultrarunner’s mind during his races, definitely check it out!

Here’s an excerpt from his UTMB race recap:

“During the death march from La Fouly (108k) to Champex-Lac (140k) I questioned everything. I hurt immensely, I cried, I had a conversation with a cow, I was broken beyond repair. I kept telling myself, the alleluia point would come, transcendence would ascend my crippled spirit and I would start to fly; it never came to be, but the perseverance to continue on, made the journey and finish very special.”

Tim is hardcore. Ultrarunners are hardcore. Runners are awesome.

Ever bring ‘real’ food to eat during runs?

Who is your football team? (GO Dolphins!)



  1. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running
    September 16, 2013 / 9:04 pm

    I love how much you’re interested in ulta running. I can’t wait til you’re at that level and I can brag about knowing you haha.

    I may play with real food on my long run this coming weekend…I love the Chomps, but by mile 13 last time I was a little sick of all the sugar and wanted something crunchy. Pretzels sound good! I’ve heard granola is good, too!

    • September 16, 2013 / 11:42 pm

      Ohh great idea to try granola!

      I’m obsessed with ultrarunners because a 13 minute mile is a respectable pace for an ultra, haha! I’ll never be fast because I don’t have the discipline or desire to do speed drills, but maybe I can run far!