7 Things I waste money on

Hey there! I hope your week is going well. While all of my blog posts this week are pre-scheduled because of vacation you can definitely catch up with me on Instagram @KristinaRunning! And if you want to catch up with Cecil just call my mom since she is babysitting him while we’re gone :).

Before I left for vacation I started thinking about all the things I waste money on, and quickly realized I don’t think it’s really wasteful if it gives me joy in some way. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I feel guilty about wasting money.

For example when Adam and I bought our house the downpayment was more money than I had ever given up in my life, plus we spent a ton in the months after fixing the place up to our liking. After that we reigned in our spending for a while to replenish our savings, and when I wasted money during that time period I felt bad about it.

Here are some things I “waste” my money on now:

1. Housecleaning service – Naturally Adam and I could clean our own house… and we do! We maintain it in the normal ways, but we have a cleaning service that comes in to do the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. We hated wasting our weekends cleaning after a long work week, so this is a splurge we feel really good about because it gives us more time to spend together doing something we enjoy.

2. Sephora – I like to buy cruelty-free makeup and skincare products. There are some cruelty-free drugstore brands like Milani but mostly I like the experience of shopping at Sephora (and there are more cruelty-free brands there too). I like the loud music, being surrounded by shelves of pretty packaging and the friendly workers who are always happy to give free samples and chat about the latest finds.

My first job ever was working as a Beauty Advisor in the Walgreens makeup section, so I know many brands like L’Oreal and Revlon make products just as good as their expensive counterparts (often in the same labs using the same ingredients) but I love walking into a Sephora even though it’s often an expensive choice.

^ Me in my Beauty Advisor uniform in Walgreens. Beauty advisors receive a commission on certain makeup sales and I was often ranked as 1 or 2 in my district. My love for makeup was deeply developed during this time!

3. Everything on Amazon – Here’s the thing, because my card is stored in my Amazon account I don’t even think about how much I’m spending which I’m sure is what the company wants.

I probably place 2 orders per week on average from Amazon for things that I might not buy if I had to go out to the store. For example, last week I ordered a new TV tray so that I could eat sitting on the couch even though I already had one upstairs. It’s just that the one upstairs is sitting next to my desk holding a bunch of work stuff that I didn’t feel like sorting through.

4. Custom Planner – I love notebooks, planners, pens, etc. I recently invested in a custom Golden Coil planner and I LOVE IT.

That being said I am well aware that $65+ dollars for a planner could easily be considered a waste of money. That being said I use my planner every work day of the year so it comes out to costing me pennies per day if you look at it that way.

5. Cecil’s Toys – Like most cats Cecil would rather play with a crumpled up piece of paper than a toy, but that doesn’t stop me from buying him new toys every month. You never know when you’re going to find something that’s a big hit – like the catnip carrots that he LOVES!

I just consider that Cecil’s world is very limited being an indoor cat and I want him to feel excitement in his life beyond the thrill he gets when he hears “who wants a treat?!” Plus he’s my baby and he’s a good boy and he deserves the world!

6. Taking Cecil on Vacation – Last year for the 4th of July we paid an extra fee to be able to take Cecil with us to stay at a hotel & spa on the beach. He loved it and so we’re taking him again this year!

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When you are a beach lover like I am, watching your cat see the ocean for the first time is priceless! TBH most of my money goes towards Cecil, but isn’t that always the way with kids? 🙂

7. Flying Business Class – When Adam and I booked the vacation we’re on now we bought business class plane tickets so that we could have those pod seats that recline flat so you can lay down and sleep in if you want to.

This was a pretty big splurge for us as flying business class on an international flight can be expensive and we don’t have any credit cards that earn us travel points. The cards we do have are all cash rewards cards.

I used the SkyScanner app to find decent prices, though the tickets were still easily more than double what we would pay to fly in coach. That being said, I have a HORRIBLE time sleeping on a plane which is terrible when you’re on a long-haul flight especially one that’s overnight. I often arrive to our destinations feeling exhausted and grumpy. That means the first day in the new location I am pretty out of it.

Paying for business class hopefully allowed me to arrive feeling well rested and ready to hit the ground running!

All of this being said I think I’m fairly balanced in my spending. My car (that I looove)  is paid off and it’s almost 8 years old now. The value of our house is less than 1/2 of what we could have gotten approved for. I usually only buy one designer bag a year haha!

When it comes to the big stuff I am very careful about my spending because I am afraid of making a bad investment. Buying Cecil stuff could never be a bad investment!

I’d love to hear what you splurge on! 



  1. May 30, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    All of this made me chuckle. Yes, some of these things seem more like a “splurge” (like housecleaning – I’m sooooo jealous!), but if they make you happy and less stressed, go for it! You work to make money, to buy the things you want. Do it for yourself 🙂

  2. May 31, 2018 / 5:49 am

    I’m with Lisa about the house cleaning and other things that save you time and help you feel more relaxed. Your time and sanity is probably worth the money!

    I actually thought that house cleaning would be a good job for me if I ever wanted to make extra money. I don’t mind cleaning because I get to be active and just zone out and listen to podcasts! My mom cleaned houses while I was growing up and sometimes I would go with her to help. She was very fast and efficient so when you did the math, she made pretty good money per hour because she charged for the house, not by the hour.

    The thing we spend the most money on that we don’t “need” is travel. But now that I have gotten older, I never ever feel guilty about the money we spend on vacations because vacations are EXPERIENCES and I think experiences are the best things Paul and I could ever spend our money on. Now, as we have gotten older and started to be in the position to spend more money, the two things we sort of upgraded on our vacations is when we rent cars we get mid size SUVs instead of sedans and we buy plan tickets with zero layovers (if available.) Most of our vaycays include scenic drives, so it’s nice to have a bigger car to do that in. And I am terrified of flying so the least amount of take offs and landing, the better.

    The stuff I feel like I waste money on is not expensive stuff but I feel like it all adds up. A pair of shoes here, a bottle of wine there, a puzzle here… Just “stuff” I don’t need.