A Different Kind of Running

Hey there! My new SD card reader came so we’re back in business :).

I had a suuuuuuper busy work day yesterday but still managed to work in some errands and most importantly I went to vote in the Florida primaries. This was my first time voting in the democratic primaries and I did a whole video on why that is here if you’re interested in that kind of thing.

Today is a Quality Run day for me; I’ve got a progression run on tap that I plan to crush. I have no idea if that’s going to happen or not but I might as well think positive and plan for it to happen that way! Lately Quality Runs have been giving me a little anxiety because it’s been so hot/humid out and I’ve missed my paces just as much as I’ve nailed them. Still it’s always best to go into these kind of runs with a positive mind!

Wish me luck!