A Few Updates!

Hey there! Today I wanted to catch up on some of the things I mentioned in my last vlog :). If you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out here:

You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here if you haven’t yet!

First up, in my vlog I mentioned trying the chocolate Vega protein powder. Previously I had tried the mixed berry flavor and HATED it because it was so sweet. A few people told me to try the chocolate shake powder, which was okay (still really sweet), but the protein smoothie powder is pretty amazing! Highly recommend :).

In the vlog I also mentioned these new cropped workout tights I got from Target for only $25. I also highly recommend them. They are very comfortable and the cranberry color is fun!

I have to include a typical Cecil blooper of course :). Also, yes I am still wearing bandaids on that stupid incision. The wound has healed beautifully but the skin around it still looks bruised and ugly. I need to get over it.

So, speaking of Cecil bloopers yesterday I came across a bunch of Cecil’s baby pics and nearly died. He’s always been so precious. This was the very first picture of him I ever took on the day that we adopted him. Luckily I got better at taking his pics and he got better at staying still and posing :). Five billion pics later and we’re pros!

Cecil’s always been pretty spoiled. When he came home we bought him a bunch of toys, but one of his favorites was a lion on a string. I thought it was sweet that he loved it so much because it was actually my first cat Leo’s favorite toy. Eventually Cecil loved it so much he ripped the head off and that was that.

He’s always been a champion napper, something I aspire to be.

This is a totally random fact, but Adam and I LOVED that couch that you see him sleeping on. It was the first piece of furniture we ever bought for ourselves and it was the most comfortable thing you’ve ever sat or laid on in your life. We’ll forever be hoping to find another couch half as comfortable.

Anyway, I got in a run last night and my legs felt pretty tired overall. I only did one mile using 2:1 intervals but my heart rate was significantly lower than a week ago (160 vs 178) so I’m taking that as a sign that some cardio fitness is returning to my body.

I’m happy that today is going to be a rest day though. This is the first time I’ve worked out five days in a row in a long time and ya girl is feeling it!

Hallelujah for a rest day!

Where’s your fave place to shop for activewear? 



  1. February 15, 2018 / 5:41 am

    Haha @ Cecil under the pillow! I love when Christmas lays his head on a pillow. He looks like a human when he does that. 🙂 I do like your cranberry capris!

  2. February 15, 2018 / 7:18 am

    I think I buy the vanilla Vega. It is really good blended with some almond milk, banana, and PB2. It’s hard to get excited about smoothies in the winter though.

    The tiny kitten photos of Cecil are too cute. He’s precious!

  3. February 15, 2018 / 11:47 am

    I love getting workout wear from Old Navy. You can’t beat the prices and it’s very comfortable stuff! With my credit card rewards I like to get stuff from Athleta. It has nice little extras (zippered pockets) that I love, but the prices aren’t nearly as great at Old Navy.