A Small Rant

Hey there! How was your weekend? Adam’s mom came into town on Saturday morning and will be here for the next week, so I don’t know how much vlogging I’ll be able to do this week. Gotta turn the camera off sometimes and respect that not everyone wants to be an Internet celebrity hahaha.

I got up suuuuper early to get in my long run on Saturday morning before she arrived and then this happened:

I’m off to work – hope you have a good Monday! I have the Taylor Swift concert this coming Saturday to look forward to. I’m sure that will get me through the week :).

I had this idea that my friend and I should go to Sephora before the concert and get “Taylor Swift makeovers” aka really dramatic smokey eye and red lipstick. I definitely would leave smokey eye up to a professional when it comes to my face. With my monolids I feel like every time I try to do traditional smokey eye I look like a drunken raccoon.

Then again makeup artists don’t always know what to do with monolids either. I once had a makeover at Nordstrom when I was a teenager just getting into makeup …and it was a disaster. The MUA had no idea how to work with monolid eyes and I had to wipe the makeup off as soon as I left the store o_O.

We’ll see what happens… I think it could be fun!



  1. August 14, 2018 / 12:40 pm

    I have a puppy and what happened to you I fin to be really annoying. It’s also not safe at all to let your dog run around with their leash still on. Like you said, if you’re at a park with a dog park you might as well take them to the dog park…

    I went to the concert here in Santa Clara, CA. It was so much fun. At the concert try to catch the confetti thrown at the end.

    • Kristina
      August 14, 2018 / 2:43 pm

      Our dog park is so nice and well maintained too, if I had a dog I would definitely bring him or her there!

      Ohhh I will! I can’t wait… counting down the days until the concert!