Another 5K in the Books (Man is it Hot Out)!

Just got back from an easy 5K run around the neighborhood. Wow is it H-O-T hot out here in Fort Lauderdale!

If you see me collapse please pause my Garmin!

I’m really excited because week 4 of my Half Marathon training is now complete! Next Saturday I will tackle my longest run yet: 6 miles!

I took it easy today because my back is still sore from hitting a new max in deadlifts this week (180lbs). I really want to get back to feeling 100% next week so I am confident going into my 6 mile run; I’ll be taking it a little bit easy until then.

Just as a sidenote: the first sentence in this post makes me laugh. I never thought 5K and “easy” would go together in the same sentence when discussing my running. I love it!

My week: tomorrow I’ll weightlift, Tuesday I’ll run speed drills on treadmill, Wednesday rest, Thursday 30 minute run outdoors, Friday rest, Saturday 6 mile run.

It’s going to be a great week!