Blazing Hot

It’s Monday again already?

This was the first weekend in a while where I felt like I didn’t have a set schedule. No races, no long runs, no football … it was just me and 48 hours of unscheduled bliss!

That meant I got in a great upper body strength workout on Saturday and then a nice run down by the beach. (MEG, I did assisted pull-ups! I’m going to do a real one someday!)



Afterwards I had worked up quite an appetite so Adam and I drove over to our old-old stomping grounds in Davie, FL to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

I didn’t take any pics because there was no time. I literally had to dig in as soon as my plate hit the table!

On Sunday I was up at the crack of down for a six-miler and then I headed up to Boca to meet a friend for some business related fun. It’s always fun when business is related to running around a pretty lake! (I’ll be telling you more about this SOON)



We met up around 11am and hit the trail around noon when it was a blazing hot 82 degrees.

Okay, so 82 degrees isn’t really blazing, but just a few days ago it was in the 30s here! I think we’re in for a fully warm week which means winter may be officially over in Florida.

After all of that I was content to spend the rest of the afternoon editing photos, tweeting and chillin’ with my main man.



Cecil wants to give a big shoutout and thank you to Amanda and Courtney for joining the PAWS virtual race!

  • Amanda from Slimplify Life is gearing up to run her first marathon! I can’t wait for her to run this race because she’s SO READY after putting in work on two 20-milers! Also, I can’t wait to see her race pics because she always look ecstatic to be running and enjoying life! Just looking at her race pics makes me want to run! Amanda also shares nutrition tips and healthy recipes on the daily!
  • Courtney from Run for Cupcakes just rescued an ADORABLE doggie named Arrow who has become her best running buddy! Seriously, please click over to her blog and look at this dog right now! Aside from having a really cute dog, Courtney always comes up with clever running costumes and is about to graduate with a double degree in Psychology and Education.

I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend too!

Important question (I promise have a reason for asking): about what time of day do you go running during the summer? 


  1. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    In the summer its the earlier the better for me! I’m usually out the door by 5:30am. While it sounds pretty warm there I think I would take that over the winter weather at this point!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Weekend Update and Last Week’s WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thanks, Lisa! The summer is when I start dragging myself out of bed for early morning runs too, especially long runs! Last year at the end of marathon training I was up at 3:30am and running by 4:30am some days– and surprisingly I wasn’t alone! I liked seeing other people out there that early, knowing that I wasn’t the only crazy one! haha

  2. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    I know you will do one- I know you will do multiple if you keep at it! 🙂

    Of course you know how old it gets here in the winter, but it gets REALLY FREAKING HOT in the summer too! It’s crazy. If I run in the summer when it’s hottest (July/Aug) I try to be done before 11am. Anything in the 10-11 hour is still pretty hot but after 11 it is reeeeeally hot. Ideally I’ be done before 10. But of course that doesn’t always happen. And of course as summer progresses I get used to the heat (much like I get used to the cold in the winter) and I don’t care as much.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up!My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I have no real understanding of running in the super cold, but I am really impressed that you get used to the heat in the summer. I sort of get used to it, in that running in the mid-90s as long as the sun isn’t high in the sky feels okay, but I can’t imagine going running at 10 or 11am! During the summer I like to be done by 9am. If I can’t make that cut off I’ll usually end up on the treadmill.

  3. Jennifer

    Summer running I usually aim for 6:00-6:30am. Eight-two degrees sounds divine right now 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted…A New Home for Run Jenny RunMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thanks Jenny! During the summer I sometimes try to drag myself out of bed at 6am for an early weekday run, but the humidity tends to be higher in the morning here so I don’t do it very often. I would rather run in lower humidity/higher temp in the evenings!

  4. Marie Alessandra

    Love that last photo of Cecil 😀
    Uhm.. depends on when I wake up. I prefer 8-9 ish. Mainly because I like starting my day with a run, but I need at least 1-2 hours time between eating and running haha. 10-11 ish is okay too.
    Marie Alessandra recently posted…I’m sickMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Cecil says thank you-meow 🙂

      Wow, that’s so late! I wonder what the temperature is like by you during the summer?!

  5. Kerry

    On weekdays I usually run after work, so like 5-6. Occasionally I’ll head out at lunch, but in the summer that can be hard with it being so hot. I wish I were a morning runner… I’m just never able to find much motivation. Although for my long runs, I usually get out kinda early.

    I’m glad winter is ending in Florida. Hopefully Indiana is next….

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Same! I usually run around 7pm in the evenings after work. I’d love to be a morning runner but as much as I love running I love sleeping more 🙂 The only reason i get up early on long run day is because I know I can take a nap later!

  6. sam @ grapefruit & granola

    I’m super jealous that it is in the 80s there. It has been in the 30s here. Yesterday it was 45 and it felt warm 🙂 although I guess I shouldn’t complain because even the 30s aren’t *that* cold compared to other parts of the country. My favorite time to run during the summer is around dusk when it’s cooling off.
    sam @ grapefruit & granola recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      45 felt warm! hhaha you northerners are cracking me up but I totally get it.

      I remember one summer night shivering and feeling “cold” and then realizing it was 86 degrees out!

  7. Hanna

    Excited to hear more about your run/work fun project!

    In the summer, I start my long runs at 5:30-6 AM, depending on how long I need to go. This summer I plan to do most of my runs at this time on the weekdays too, but I often end up doing them in the early evening (6 PMish) after I get off work. I’m too much of a chicken to run in the dark, and our last couple summers actually haven’t been TOO bad around here.
    Hanna recently posted…Grandma’s Marathon Training: Week 1My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Ahhhh, I love how it stays light out well passed 6pm during the summer! I can’t wait for the time change!

  8. Amanda @ Slimplify Life

    Thanks for the shoutout, Kristina! You’re so sweet. I’m SO excited to be participating in the Virtual 5K. Even though it’s virtual, I’m still a little nervous to run it, is that weird??!?

    You know I’m all sorts of crazy and run at the crack of dawn, so my answer is 5am ish 🙂
    Amanda @ Slimplify Life recently posted…10 reasons why 20 miles on the treadmill is actually awesomeMy Profile

  9. Jess

    Can’t wait to hear about your news! That sounds like a really fun weekend, albeit a warm one 🙂 Cecil looks pretty happy there!
    Jess recently posted…Livermore Half Marathon Training Week 11My Profile

  10. Kristin @ A Mom on the Run

    During the summer, I try to go first thing in the morning. It’s super humid but it’s the only time I can manage to fit it in.
    Kristin @ A Mom on the Run recently posted…Cleaning Up and Moving ForwardMy Profile

  11. Liv @ Healthy Liv

    I run in the mornings during the summer since it gets SO hot later in the day here in North Carolina! Not quite like Florida, of course, but still pretty darn hot 🙂
    Liv @ Healthy Liv recently posted…A College Girl’s Guide to CouponingMy Profile

  12. Kim

    I would love for it to be 80+ here right now – it has been super cold all day (that kind where I just can’t get warm!!).
    Mexican food is my favorite (most of the time)!
    Kim recently posted…There’s a National Day for ThatMy Profile


    I can’t do pull ups either. haha. I don’t think I’ve ever done one in my life. haha
    anddd. I always run in the morning. If i don’t, than I”ll skip out on running in the afternoon. lol

    Jessica @ VEGGIE RUNNING MOMMA recently posted…Running update.! and Keurig club 🙂My Profile

  14. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    Got to love those schedule free weekends. Now that football season is over, it’s amazing how much extra time there is to do things outside of the house. Sundays were always dedicated football days. 🙂

    During the summer months I always run in the morning… but I typically run in the morning year round, so it’s not that different. I would say that during the summer I am actually more likely to go out for a run mid-morning or around noon, because I like the warmth and sunshine. My favorite part about the summer is that the days are incredibly long and I can get up early and have a nice sunrise to enjoy!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Putting My Ironman Dreams On HoldMy Profile

  15. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    It was 81 here today. OMG Florida please stay chilly until March. I have one more half to fit in! lol

    I love your shoutouts to people running your race. It makes finding new blogs easier!
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Gasparilla Distance Classic Half MarathonMy Profile

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