Boy Meets World, DIY Projects for the Weekend & 10 Miles

Friday, Friday, Friday!

I woke up at 5am to go to the bathroom and felt a rush of happiness when the thought, “ahhh I can sleep in because it’s Saturday” went through my head. Unfortunately, my alarm went off a couple of hours later and I realized it was only Friday.ย Oh well.

I know at least a few of my readers are around my age and must have watched Boy Meets World growing up… well by now you probably know Disney is reviving the series as Girl Meets World with Cory and Topanga’s daughter…. and now it’s confirmed that Sean will be in at least one episode!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.01.37 AM

I’m sure I’m too old to be watching Disney Channel original shows, but I’m also sure that I’ll tune in to watch at least the first episode. How could I not?! Boy Meets World was pretty important to me growing up : )

Alrighty, so what’s on tap for this weekend?ย 

Most importantly a 10 mile run <— this is most important because I have run so little this week, plus I really look forward to my Saturday long runs.

Adam is a big UFC fan and spends many Saturday nights watching their pay-per-views which makes it the perfect time for me to get in a long run without him noticing that I’m gone.

I also put together a little list of fun and easy DIY projects for the Lilypad Candles blog and am thinking about tackling a couple of them myself!

I really want to do the colorful keys and the lip gloss projects!



I’m also working on a top secret Lilypad Candles project that I hope to release in APRIL. Lots of work there still to be done.

Finally, I think I’m going to take my DSLR camera out and about and work on taking pictures!

Anything fun planned for this weekend? A long run perhaps?

Did you watch Boy Meets World?ย 

Link to your favorite DIY project(s)?


  1. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Yes, I totally watched Boy Meets World! I had such a crush on Shawn… the bad boy who wasn’t that bad. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to check out Girl Meets World, too. I am sure my hubby will make fun of me for having it on the DVR! This weekend I get to have Girls Night with two of my colleagues… both music teachers so it should be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great 10 mile run! I know you are itching to get out! I have 12 on my plate. It could be good OR bad. We shall see…
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Things most runners do that I DON’T.My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I had a crush on Shawn too, he was so adorable and that episode where his dad died was kind of heartbreaking. Chet wasn’t going to win any Dad of the Year awards but it was still a tear jerker from what I recall. Hmmm… I hope Disney does a marathon of Boy Meets World! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Amy

    Call me crazy, but I never really got into Boy Meets World. Maybe I was slightly older than the show? I have a long run planned, but for the first time in a while, it will be cold and wet this weekend. Usually the weekends are nice and sunny here and the bad weather comes mid-week. Oh well.
    Amy recently posted…Hiking in Moab, UtahMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Cold and wet would be so welcome here. I ended up doing my 10 miles on the treadmill because it’s been so hot. This afternoon it was 88 degrees … and it’s only March! We are definitely in for a hot year down here.

  3. Karen

    Okay, I am old. I have no idea what Boy meets Girl is lol Have fun on the ten miler. I am supposed to taper this weekend since my 10K race is next Saturday. My run buddy is out of town this week and she texted me I better not sneak a 10 miler in :/ I may only get 5 miles in and a few short runs next week. That’s going to feel odd!
    Karen recently posted…Ice to TenMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      The taper is always so weird, but I have to admit I usually look forward to it. I know it drives most people crazy but I like the rest ๐Ÿ˜€ Maybe I’m just lazy!

      I hope you got in a good short run this weekend!

  4. Ali K. @ Hit the Ground Running

    Can we both just commiserate for a moment…why has it been so warm in the mornings?! I’ve been trying to enjoy my runs on break, but it’s sooo flipping hot!!

    I will watch Girl Meets World without any shame. NONE! hehe
    Ali K. @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…A Day on BreakMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      So, so warm in the mornings, so hot in the afternoon and evenings! I’ve been logging too many miles on the treadmill :/

      I wonder when the start of the show is… I don’t think they have announced it yet. It’s weird that I feel a bit of embarrassment at the thought of watching Girl Meets World when I definitely enjoyed Wizards of Waverley Place lol

  5. Jennifer

    I love, love, loved Boy Meets World! I still watch reruns ๐Ÿ™‚ And I will be watching Girl Meets World. I don’t care if it’s on the Disney channel ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope to do a long-ish run this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jennifer recently posted…Foot Pain…again!My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I am so glad you said that you’ll be watching Girl Meets World. I feel much better about the excitement building up in me about that show now. I didn’t want to be the only almost-30-year-old watching the show ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Jodi @ 13.1 Miles to Disney

    I was SO IN LOVE with Shawn…. I’ll be watching Girl Meets World for sure.
    Jodi @ 13.1 Miles to Disney recently posted…Fateful Friday Week 63My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      He was THE BEST! ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to see him in the new episodes. He honestly doesn’t look like he’s aged at all. In fact all of the original cast members look great, even Mr. Feeney!

  7. Lou @ Running Through China

    I’m pretty sure I used to love that show and watched it heaps, but can’t remember a single detail about it now, haha, old age and memory loss hey… How did you go with your photo taking? Hope you had an awesome weekend. Yes, mine involved a long run, finally, yay, and yes, back to blogging, thanks to YOU Kristina! Cheers x ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lou @ Running Through China recently posted…Well Hello There!My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I definitely need to rewatch a few episodes before Girl Meets World starts as a refresher!

      So glad to hear that you’re back to running and blogging. I’m going to check out your new post RIGHT NOW ๐Ÿ˜€

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