Catching Up!

Hey there! Hope you’re just as excited about it being Friday as I am. I woke up on Wednesday so sure that it was Thursday that I’ve felt out of it ever since. I’m glad we’ve finally got the weekend in sight :).

Yesterday I got in a great strength training workout at home. I followed along with this video from Carly.


Adam tells me there is no reason to hold a plate out while you’re doing the single leg squats like Carly does in the first exercise in this routine. I did hold a 10lb plate out but just a disclaimer that there may be no benefit over squatting in a less awkward way. He says that holding the plate out just puts unnecessary strain on the shoulders.

Probably best to do a dumbbell squat or a zercher squat if you want to hold something. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for the future. I love dumbbell and zercher squats so that’s not a big deal to me!

Any personal trainers out there want to weigh in on the benefits of holding a plate like Carly does?

I worked from home yesterday which was nice. It meant I could start my workout right when the day was over, but it also meant I had a cute little assistant to help all day.

Sure he slept on the job most of the time, but his presence was appreciated :).

During my lunch break I was able to run down to the furniture store to pick out yet another new headboard. On Wednesday night the (second) new headboard we purchased was delivered but this one wouldn’t fit up the stairs either. It was just about 1/2 inch too tall. We had to send it back with the delivery guys.

Luckily the customer service from our furniture store is great and within minutes my sales consultant called me to tell me she had looked up another option I might like. It’s not exactly what I had in mind but it’s fairly close. This one will get delivered on Saturday. PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me that this one fits up our staircase! haha

Aside from my bed woes (lol) I’ve been spending some of my free time working on BEAMM. Some of my non-cat products came in yesterday! I’m literally obsessed with these super high quality ombre pens. They are the epitome of summer! You have to see them up close here!

I’m also super excited about these gorgeous gold, floral and pastel binder clips. I’ve actually started using them on the board that I’m hanging up my post cards on! They’re only $5, and of course $1 from each product sold goes to an animal shelter.

Right now since I’m ordering fairly low quantities of all my products I can only donate $1 from each item sold because it costs me a lot to have the product made or to source it. If I can someday order bigger quantities I’ll get a better price on a bulk order and be able to donate more :). That’s the goal!

The cute mousepad, cat stickers and cat mug are all my original creations. They started as an idea in my head and then I brought them to life. The ombre pens and the clips I’m sourcing from another company. I definitely plan to make more of my own products in the future!

PS: Remember you can take $5 off your order of $10 or more with code KRISTINASFRIEND. Also free shipping in the USA!

Anything exciting going on this weekend?
Does your pet stay glued to you when you work from home? 



  1. July 22, 2017 / 6:08 am

    Waiting to board a plane to Mexico right now, so yeah, I’m super excited that it’s the weekend!! 🙂 🙂 Even though we had to get up at 3am.
    I can’t believe the other headboard didn’t fit either!! Fingers crossed this one’s going to work.

  2. July 24, 2017 / 1:32 pm

    I’m catching up on blogs on the train and you are really teasing me with this bed saga! There better be a resolution by the time I get to harrisburg!