Celebrating the Life of My Grandpa

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging about the Miami Half Marathon that’s coming up this Sunday (!!!!!) but today I want to take a minute to reflect and honor my grandfather who you know passed away on Sunday.

My grandpa with my aunt and my mom on his 91st birthday. My mom is the one with short hair, my aunt in the red lipstick.

My grandpa with my aunt and my mom on his 91st birthday. My mom is the one with short hair, my aunt in the red lipstick.

Yesterday my family gathered for my grandpa’s funeral and burial. He would have been 92 years old this August. He lived a long, healthy and happy life with my grandmother, who passed away four years ago also in January.

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When my grandmother passed away it was the first time I had really attended a funeral and everyone was very sad because she struggled at the end and of course she was leaving my grandfather behind.

My grandpa was very strong during the whole funeral process for my grandma and he was there for my mom and aunt who were very emotional. However, I’ll never forget when we were leaving her viewing, the last time he would see her before the casket was closed, he leaned down to kiss her and said, “you promised you would never leave me.”

I honestly could not imagine anything more sad. They were married for over 62 years. I’ve only been with Adam for 10 years and cannot imagine my life my life without him. To lose your best friend, the person you’ve shared your life with and built your family with, after 62 years would be the hardest thing.

Towards the end of my grandpa’s life he kept saying he was ready to go, that he just wanted to see my grandma again. He had the onset of dementia and would often ask where she was, and when she was coming home.

I know their reunion on Sunday must have been a very happy one.

When my step-father died almost two years ago now, he went very unexpectedly and at much too young of an age. His funeral was the second one that I can remember and it was a very sad one as well.

Yesterday, my grandpa’s funeral was so different than my grandma’s and my step-fathers. His funeral was truly a celebration of his life. While there were plenty of tears shed, I would say the general mood was positive. We were all gathered there to honor and celebrate him.

I love that my grandpa wasn’t afraid at the end. I’m not surprised, since I cannot remember him being afraid of anything.

f9042977645145b318dfcfbe682f8895He was a proud Navy man who served in two wars. And now he’s back with his bride for good.