Changing Up My Workout Routine for Summer!

Since I started working with my new long distance running coach I’ve begun making changes to my workout plan. I used to lift heavy two days a week, run three days a week and that’s it. Sometimes I would only lift once a week. The only real constant was that I would run at least three times per week.

I am still running three days a week and lifting two days, but I have also added in an extra day of cross training. I’ve been varying up the routine for the extra day but have mostly done the stationary bike and/or walking at a high incline on the treadmill. However, on Sunday morning I decided to print out a swimming workout and hit the pool!


The swim workout was actually A LOT harder than I thought it was going to be. I love swimming … or really I guess I should say I love lazily floating around in the water, swimming is a whole different story. I need to work on my form and also my endurance.

I would say that swimming laps felt a whole lot like running. When I first started out I was kicking a lot (way too much) and basically sprinting my way across the pool. Once I realized what I was doing I settled into an easier, more relaxed pace and felt much better. That’s a lot like running, right? Gotta find your happy pace! 🙂

I am looking forward to making the pool a staple in my summer cross training.

Another adjustment I’ve just decided to make with the help of my running coach is in regards to my weightlifting. I’ve decided to temporarily cut down on the heavy lifting and instead go for lighter weights with higher reps until after the Princess Half Marathon is over. For example, tonight instead of going for 160lbs on the squat I only did 70lbs but with higher reps.

I love lifting heavy on one hand because it is a shared activity with my boyfriend and on the other hand because it makes me feel like I can do just about anything; however, the higher my max gets the more sore I am the next day when I go running.

Since my ultimate goal right now is finishing the 10-miler in three and a half months to help me with corral placement for the Princess Half I have to do this … nothing can stand in my way of becoming a Princess!

Overall I’m really happy with the minor adjustments I’m making to my workout schedule for the summer. I think I’m making positive changes that will really help me become a better distance runner.


  1. Karla Bruning
    June 20, 2013 / 3:38 am

    Kristina, it’s great to challenge your body with new workouts from time to time! I love swimming as cross-training. It’s a tough workout, but a great one. Keep it up!