Cross Training Update: Biking + Weightlifting

I’ve really been enjoying my cross training days! Last week I mentioned that every Sunday I do a light cross training activity like stationary biking or swimming.

On Sunday I did 10 miles on the stationary bike and enjoyed it a lot. I could definitely see it becoming monotonous though. I really should take my actual bike out but I’m afraid of riding near cars which is my main issue since there are always cars around when you live in a downtown area.

Perhaps I’ll try going for really early morning rides down to the beach where I can watch the sunrise. When I go running around sunrise there aren’t that many cars out. Perhaps riding outdoors more will also help me get over my fear of riding near cars!

Sunrise at Fort Lauderdale Beach

In addition to cross training on Sundays I also do weightlifting on Mondays.

I used to do a lot of heavy lifting, but my run coach suggested I dial things back while I’m building up for my first half.

My deadlift max is 190lbs but now I’m only deadlifting 100 – 130lbs.

My squat max is 150lbs but now I’m squatting about 60lbs. I used to do three sets with a max of seven reps. Now I do two sets with twelve reps.

It feels a little bit weird to not be going after new maxes in weightlifting because I strongly believe that women should lift heavy, but I am trusting in my run coach. I think her advice is working because I’ve been PRing like crazy since I made the adjustment. I personally think this has to do with my legs feeling much fresher when I go running.

That being said, overall I think heavy lifting makes me a stronger runner and I will return to it after I nail this half marathon distance!

Do you weight lift? If so do you lift heavy while you’re training for a distance event? Do you have advice for getting over a fear of biking near cars?