Deadlift Day: Lifting 160lbs Like It’s Nothing

On Monday I started my new weightlifting routine and did squats, military presses, dips, triceps extensions and bicep curls.

Today I did part B of that routine which includes: deadlifts, bench presses, bent over rows and pull downs.

It’s been a very long time since I have deadlifted and I wasn’t really sure what I would be able to do. Ended up crushing 160lbs five times!

Deadlifting 160lbs

No big deal. I’m only going to be ridiculously, crazy, out of this world sore tomorrow. Ow.

Tonight’s Weightlifting Session

  • Deadlifts – 160lbs
  • Bench press – 60lbs
  • Bent over rows – 25lbs
  • Pull downs – 80lbs

Now I’m enjoying a delicious dutch chocolate protein shake from Isopure and sadly watching my Miami Heat go down to the Bulls. Oh well, the streak was fun but the real goal is to win another championship!

What lifts do you do to supplement your runs?