Decorating My Living Room for Christmas (Part 1)

Hey there! The time has come: to decorate for Christmas! When Adam and I lived in an apartment we never decorated for Christmas for some reason. In 2016 when we bought our house we had all intentions of decorating but we ended up not moving in until December 17th so we skipped that year too.

Which means last year was our first year decorating, making this year our second! I’m excited to share what we’ve got going on so far this year:

We added a 6 foot Christmas tree this year (the last two years we just put up a little 4 foot one). I hope you enjoy the vlog and the time lapse of me getting everything up. The time lapse makes it look like it took 2 minutes but in reality it took … much longer than that πŸ™‚

Merry Catsmas!

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PS: GUESS WHAT?! Today Adam and I celebrate 14 years together <3.



  1. November 19, 2018 / 8:16 am

    I love it! Beautiful! I like the Christmas music you added. Do you listen to Christmas music when you decorate? I love the garland on the mantle. How did you decide what order to hang the stockings? I will try to vlog a tour of my house once my stuff is up. Sunday is going to by 51, so I think I will do outdoor stuff then. Indoor stuff will be on one of the days after Thanksgiving when I have off work.

    • Kristina
      November 19, 2018 / 11:43 am

      Thank you! I do listen to music… the NSYNC Christmas album πŸ˜€

      The only specific order for the stockings is to put Cecil in the middle since he is our baby. Other than that I guess I am self-centered since I put the K first haha!

      YES I would love to see a vlog of the Queen of Christmas decorating for Christmas!

      • November 19, 2018 / 8:04 pm