Did He Do It?

Hey there! In between really long work hours I’ve been fitting in a little media consumption. I started watching Making a Murderer Season 2. I’m on episode three and so far nothing shown has changed my mind. I still think Steven is guilty and in today’s vlog I tell you why:

I also started a new audio book… kind of embarrassing but I spill in the beans in the vlog. We all have guilty pleasures OKAY!!!!

LMK what you think about Making a Murderer. Are you watching season 2? Do you think Steven is guilty? What do you think about the possibility of the DNA being planted?

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  1. Anya
    October 24, 2018 / 9:56 am

    I’m still deciding wether he’s guilty or not guilty but I will say that based on Zellner’s forensics work and the experts she had hired, the evidence does not substantiate a guilty verdict. It very well could’ve been planted. Police have been known to do that and given the millions he was about to receive before Teresa went missing, I wouldn’t rule it out.
    Alternatively, someone else could be framing him because he’s an easy target and the Avery family wasn’t well-liked in the community. But trials aren’t about whether the defendant is guilty or not guilty. The burden of proof lies on the state to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and the defense’s job is to create reasonable doubt. His first lawyers failed in that respect.