Flying First Class Internationally Was a Dream Come True!

Ever since I took my first long haul flight and saw the pod seating that they have in first class/business class I’ve wanted to be up there. I just knew it was the answer to all my travel dreams… and now having done it, I can confirm it IS truly amazing!

^ The pods on our flights.

If you’re someone who has a hard time falling asleep on long haul, overnight flights flying first class is the answer. I’m not saying it’s the most affordable thing to do, but if you have the money it’s worth every penny. For the first time ever I slept almost the entire duration of our flight to London and back to Miami. Adam and I marveled at how great we felt when we woke up in our new destination.

The seats in our pod were amazing. You could turn your seat into a bed, a recliner, an upright chair or any preference in between. You’re in full control with just a couple pushes of a button.

The service is also amazing! As soon as we got settled into our seats the flight attendants came around offering free snacks and drinks (champagne, juice, water, etc). They also brought us Tumi welcome kits to make the flight more comfortable. The kits included sleeping masks, cozy socks, L’Occitane moisturizer, Chapstick, toothbrush, toothbrush holder, toothpaste, etc.

We had the option for a full dinner service and a full breakfast service. I had the breakfast service on the way to London which was an omelette, yogurt and a quinoa bar, but Adam and I both slept through all of the other meal services.

Another cool thing about flying first/business class was that we had an entire overhead bin to each of us. No worrying about running out of room! AND they are really lax about the rules up there. We were able to be up and moving about the cabin even when the seatbelt signs were on, haha. The only time they were strict about the rules was during takeoff and right before landing.

So, let’s address the main question:

Isn’t flying first/business class on an international flight super expensive?

Sure, it can be but it doesn’t have to be SUPER expensive. First, if you have rewards miles you can apply those to first/business class travel and upgrade your seat that way. Adam and I didn’t have any rewards miles to redeem, so we had to go about it a different way.

When I knew we were going to by flying overseas I Google’d “how to fly first class cheap.” The answer is there is pretty much no way to fly first class cheap without rewards miles. However, you can find seats that are more affordable than others. The main thing is to be open minded about which airline you fly.

If we wanted to fly United or British Airways our tickets could easily have cost $5,000 each. I think the cheapest I saw for the dates we flew was $4,500. Some seats were upwards of $8,000 each on the more popular US-based airlines like American or Delta. Paying that much would have put us over budget for this trip so it was a no-go.

I found the best way to find a cheaper flight is to fly with an airline that isn’t US or UK-based. I used the SkyScanner app to search for all first/business class flights on the dates we wanted to fly and then sorted by price. The Columbian based airline called Avianca came up with the cheapest flights, which were literally a fraction of the cost of the US-based airlines.

I Google’d Avianca to see what kind of planes they had and they are the very latest models. We flew on a beautiful Boeing 787 that was all but brand new. Before I booked our flights I also watched YouTube videos of other people who had flown first/business class with Avianca on international flights to hear their reviews – every single one was super positive.

So, instead of paying $5,000 each for our tickets, we only paid about $2100 for each ticket and flew with Avianca! Now, I know that’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination unless you are a multi-millionaire, but it is cheap compared to other airlines, and it fit within our budget. And it was honestly a dream come true!

If you have any questions about using skyscanner, etc. just drop a comment down below!



  1. June 8, 2018 / 7:37 am

    Was it 2100 one way or round trip? If it eliminates an extra night in hotel, sometimes it could cost just as much right? One time we took a red eye home because we figured it would eliminate the cost of a night in a hotel and an extra night with a rental car.

    I’m glad you got to do this and were very happy with the experience!

    • Kristina
      June 8, 2018 / 8:45 am

      It was $2100 each round trip! I really hope we get to do it again next time because it was amazing. I told Adam that if I end up running the London marathon one of these years that we have to do it again so I can stretch my legs out. Remembering how shitty I felt after flying home from Portland, I can only imagine the pain I would be in after flying home in coach from London! First world problems!