Getting Workout Encouragement From Adam

Hey there! I finally edited the new vlog of me squatting 160lbs x 4 reps last night and have it here for you to view:

The video also contains some Christmas shopping stuff. If you want to skip that and go right to the workout go to 2:30 in the vlog.

Just a warning if you do that you won’t see Cecil fetching balls of wrapping paper and that would be a serious miss :).

So, I just wanted to say I’m having fun filming workouts and am looking forward to doing more of that in 2018! I like talking about makeup and all of the other stuff I vlog about, but this blog is called Kristina Running and that’s because I love running and working out.

I know I don’t look like an Instagram fitness model but eh, who does? Okay actually one of my clients is a popular Instagram fitness personality, but I’ve listened to her tell me the struggles of that lifestyle and it made me glad I’m just a girl with a blog who has Adam to yell encouragement at her while she squats.


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Do you like working out alone or with someone else?
Anyone else planning to go see Pitch Perfect 3 ASAP? 



  1. December 20, 2017 / 5:48 am

    What happens if you get stuck and you can’t get up mid squat? Do you just drop all the weights? Will that ruin your floor? Cecil can jump high! My favorite eyeliner is retractable.

    • Kristina
      December 20, 2017 / 7:42 am

      We have safety bars set near the bottom of the cage so that if we get stuck we can just sit back onto the ground and the bars will catch the weight. I’ll do a close up of them in the next vlog, but they’re basically those two silver bars you see on my sides when I’m at the bottom of the squat. I can just place the bar on those and drop out of the bottom.

      When Cecil was younger he could jump well over 6 feet in the air off the ground! We would play a game with him that was basically Monkey in the Middle where we would toss this stuffed penguin toy between the two of us and he would jump up off the ground and try to catch it. We would toss it super high because he would literally jump off the ground like he could fly! He can’t do that anymore, but if we toss stuff high enough he could probably go 3 or 4 feet in the air!

  2. December 20, 2017 / 7:44 am

    BRB I need to go home and try to get my kitty to catch wrapping paper balls.

    I think it is more impressive to see regular people getting amazing PRs in the gym or in a race. You have to work your training in around all your normal life stuff, this isn’t your job. Plus it makes it seem more attainable. Like wow, maybe I should start lifting weights, I want to be able to kick ass like Kristina!

    • Kristina
      December 20, 2017 / 8:44 pm

      I agree, 100%. I don’t follow any fitness models on Instagram, only real people. I don’t even follow Britney on Insta, even though I do like looking through her feed sometimes to see if she’s posted new workout videos hhaha!