I Know You Totally Get It

Yesterday morning was soggy. I hate when it rains!

Don't worry, I wasn't the driver!
Don’t worry, I wasn’t the driver!

I’m glad that my new apartment complex has a parking garage so I don’t get soaked running from the house to my car. Instead I now postpone the soaking for when I make a mad dash between my car and the office.


Ladies, is there anything worse than spending time blow drying your hair only for it to get wet 30 minutes later? Ugh. Makes you wonder what the point of living is!

The good news is this rain is bringing in a small drop in temps. Earlier this week the high was 86* but we’ve got a few nice days in the low 70s coming up. I just really hope the prediction for rain is wrong!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.10.03 PM

I always feel a bit weird talking so much about the weather on the blog. I feel like the weather is a topic you talk to strangers about when you have nothing else in common.

The thing is, weather is such a big part of a runner’s life that it feels important here! I feel like you totally get why I am always checking the weather! All I have to do is say “95” and I know you’ll go, “ohhh that sucks! How much did your pace suffer?” similarly when you say “-16” I totally think “OUCH! Did you have to slog it out on the treadmill?”

It’s okay to talk about weather on a running blog, right?

Last night the humidity was hovering around 88% during my run, but oddly I barely noticed it!


I’ll spare you the sweaty selfie since I was totally drenched by the end BUT last night was one of those runs where I was just immensely happy with running and with life!

Right before my run I got an email from my coach about my spring training plans which are terrifying and exciting at the same time! I love it!!! I’ll share more on that soon!

I hope you have a fun weekend planned! : )

How many miles are you logging this weekend?
Is it rainy/snowy/hot where you are right now?


  1. cheryl

    It’s snowy here! We have gotten almost a whole winter’s worth of snow in about 10 days!
    I can’t stand when I fix my hair and then get it wet in the rain–so I rarely fix my hair!!
    Have a GREAT weekend!
    cheryl recently posted…When to rest and when to run when sick…My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I honestly am always so surprised when I see your snow pictures. I really cannot even imagine what that’s like! I’m also impressed by your snow shoveling and ploughing! Can’t imagine what that’s like either, haha!

  2. Jennifer @ Running on Lentils

    Yes, I totally get it! I live by the hourly forecast! Rain is definitely my least favorite running weather condition…and we’re supposed to get some this weekend. Oh well! I’ll be tracking the hourly forecast to try to time my runs when it’s not raining.
    Jennifer @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Five Cold Weather Running Gear DealsMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      YES to hourly tracking! Especially on the weekends …. I’m always checking to see what the latest I can head out is to complete my run before it’s too hot!

  3. Bae @ the riley recap

    Luckily the weather in San Diego is pretty predictable and accommodating to running, but I always feel for you guys when I read about all the extreme heat/cold! You guys are definitely inspiring to suck it up and still get a run in. San Diego has made me a sissy with temperature haha.

    Going on my first “long” run tomorrow since I got the OK to run! It’s with the SDTC and we’re still on time instead of distance in our training plans, so it will be 60 minutes. That will be long for me since I haven’t gone more than ~25min this week! Happy Friday!! <3
    Bae @ the riley recap recently posted…My First Run of 2015 and a New Favorite RestaurantMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hi Bae! Happy Friday! I hope you have a good hour long run this weekend.

      You are lucky to live in San Diego! I haven’t been there in a few years but I remember the weather being pretty amazing even in summer. The best part of the west coast is the reduced humidity!

  4. Jess

    Oh, I live and die by my weather app, haha. Unfortunately…I also have the weather in Raleigh, Tulsa, Rochester, and a bunch of other places added to it (family/friends living there), so I see how nice it is in other places. Bah!

    Can’t wait to hear more about your spring training plans!

    I have an 8-mile long run tomorrow and a 2-mile recovery run on Sunday. How about you?

    My secret to dealing with snow/rain is just to let my hair air dry. I don’t own a hair dryer *hides head in shame*
    Jess recently posted…Treadmills, Playlists, and Good ReadsMy Profile

  5. Lizzy

    Oh, I totally get it. As someone who is living half in northern Indiana and half in LA, I am obsessed with how the weather is affecting my run. It’s nice to commiserate with other runners who are living both sides of that spectrum, hot and cold. I don’t have much rain to contend with though, just snow and drought. If you want to send some of that rain out to California we’d be really thankful 🙂
    Lizzy recently posted…recovery and self-massageMy Profile

  6. Staci @ Hoosier Running Mom

    Snowy…too snowy! The roads here are finally starting to get better so I might be able to run outside a bit this weekend!!
    I also find you talking about the weather completely acceptable! It is not a bad thing and I enjoy hearing that some people in this country have sunshine!!
    Staci @ Hoosier Running Mom recently posted…New shoes and a New Opportunity!!My Profile

  7. Hanna

    I am also obsessed with how weather affects my runs (don’t even get me started on races!), but I would still much rather run in rain than all the snow we have here. And that’s saying something, because I hate getting wet!
    Hanna recently posted…Thinking Out Loud: How a snarky email reminded me to be betterMy Profile

  8. Courtney!

    Haha. My dad has ALWAYS asked me about the weather whenever we talk on the phone. I used to just shrug and tell him that it was kinda cold or kinda hot. Now we can talk about it for a solid 15 minutes. 🙂
    SO jealous of those temps! In Kansas City we have a nice weekend ahead of us, but it has been SO cold!
    Courtney! recently posted…Star Wars Half Marathon Recap! (Rebel Challenge Part 2)My Profile

  9. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Yes, totally fine to talk about the weather! PA is one of those places in which we experience all 4 seasons- extremely low temps AND extremely high temps. We have bitter cold, negative temps in the mornings usually in Jan and Feb, and then in July, we will have 90+ degrees during the warmest time of the day. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere it was warm all year round, but Paul pointed out that we would miss all the fall smells and even the winter smells. BITTER cold actually has a smell!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Ready to Run- my BIG TAKEAWAYS!My Profile

  10. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    I really hate blowdrying my hair in general. If it rains I try to avoid blowdrying it all all, except when its really cold…aka every day lately.
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…Friday Five: Fitness SnapshotsMy Profile

  11. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    It’s been a rainy mess in my neck of the woods. We are experiencing a huge wind/rain storm right now and there are downed trees and power lines all over town. It’s crazy. This never happens to us!

    So far this week I have logged 23 miles. Justin and I leave for Hawaii tomorrow, so I probably won’t run again until Sunday. Looking forward to the change of scenery.

    Trust me, I am OCD when it comes to checking the weather, especially before a race. That 10-day forecast is vital to my sanity! 🙂
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Updates, Injuries, and Aloha!My Profile

  12. Jennifer

    Nice blow-dry! Sometimes when Im lazy I pull it back in a bun, but too cold right now to do that. Can’t wait to hear about your training plan!
    Jennifer recently posted…Tasty Thursday – Oatmeal PancakesMy Profile

  13. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    I love when it rains because it means a drop in temps. It doesn’t seem weird to talk about weather because you’re right, weather really impacts running. But I always feel lame complaining because we have good weather most of the winter and no one understands the pain of summer running in FL lol.
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…A Little UpdateMy Profile

  14. Kim

    We are close to 70 today – it is awesome since that isn’t normal for early February in Kansas!!!
    I think that the weather is a perfectly acceptable thing to talk about anytime:)
    Kim recently posted…Stability Balls and Running (2/1 – 2/7)My Profile

  15. Heather @ GirlGoesRunning

    I love that other bloggers also talk weather. 🙂 I feel like that’s always the first thing I mention in my posts, lol.
    Heather @ GirlGoesRunning recently posted…This Winter’s Just Getting into Gear :SMy Profile

  16. Lily @ Lily Runs the World

    Can’t wait to find out about your spring training plans! I can’t believe spring races are coming up, my first half of the year is in four weeks, I’m pretty excited. It rarely rains here in Southern California and I don’t have to deal with humidity (thankfully), so I’m lucky that weather is never really an issue.
    Lily @ Lily Runs the World recently posted…Marathon Training: Week 5My Profile

  17. Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes

    It was 70 and sunny today! I’m amazed at how mild this winter has been so far. Perfect running weather!
    Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes recently posted…My New Running Buddy!My Profile

  18. LeAnne@thisismyfaster

    Ugghhh I hate it when it rains and when it’s humid so I totally understand! I’ve never had to run in temps that are ridiculously cold (although I complain about anything below 60 anyway). Can’t wait to hear about your training plans!
    LeAnne@thisismyfaster recently posted…Sunday’s Snapshots…My Profile

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