I really like to look at palm trees when I run

Hmmm so I re-read my post from yesterday and decided I sounded a little like a snob/a-hole in it. I apologize and promise that I am not like that at all! I have nothing against boxed hair dye!!! I just shouldn’t have been using it because I had no idea what I was doing! 

About a week ago I wrote that Fort Lauderdale is sometimes referred to as the Venice of America because it’s really easy to get around by boat, kayak, paddle board, etc.

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Well, last night as I was trying to distract my mind from the pain task at hand during speedwork I started thinking about this a bit more.

When I got home I looked up some stats and it turns out we have over 300 miles of waterways in Greater Fort Lauderdale!

We also have 23 miles of beach!

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This probably doesn’t surprise you since I do basically every run at the beach.

Let’s talk about last night’s run specifically… it was SO HOT because there was no breeze except for a tiny little bit along the water.

When I got home my body felt like a thermometer that was about to burst from reaching its max temperature!

It’s a good thing I really like the sight of palm trees or I would probably do the rest of my runs this summer on the treadmill.

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I think I’m getting better at taking pictures on the go! I’ve really been working on it so that my pictures aren’t all blurry action shots or sweaty selfies at the end of a run.

Actually, to be honest I just kind of just snap pictures mid stride these days and hope they come out good… but I do sort of have a weird formula I use for increasing my chances of getting a non-blurry pic. About 3% come out decent : )

I think I’m also getting better at speedwork. I used to kind of just go all-out (balls to the wall?) which meant I gassed out and didn’t really gain anything from it. These days I’m really working on doing speedwork in a much more controlled manner.

That’s helped me with my breathing a lot. I’m happy to say I no longer hold my breath during speedwork! That was ridiculous. I do not recommend it!

If you have a Garmin have you upgraded to the new Garmin Connect Modern yet?

– I don’t like it. I miss the simplicity of the old interface.

Have you ever been to Fort Lauderdale / Miami / south Florida? 

If you are a blogger do you ever have trouble coming up with a title for a post? 

– I had no idea what to call this one and it just sat there without a title for a long time.