I Watched Anton Krupicka’s “In The High Country” Film and It’s Awesome!

I think the secret is pretty much out of the bag: the more I learn about ultrarunning the more obsessed with it I become.

One of the elites of ultrarunning right now is Anton (Tony) Krupicka. I first heard of him right after I read Scott Jurek’s book, “Eat and Run” and I now frequently read Tony’s blog, Riding the Wind.

I recently learned a lot more about Tony when I bought his documentary, “In the High Country.” The film is about 30 minutes long and in it a single cameraman follows Tony around while he runs and climbs mountains.

The scenery in the documentary, which was filmed mostly in Colorado, is absolutely stunning. Every time I see pictures or video of the gorgeous trails of Colorado I wonder how anyone could live there and NOT be an ultrarunner. I don’t think I would spend a minute indoors!

I guess Tony feels that way too which is why he once went voluntarily homeless so he could spend as much time as possible exploring the mountains. He basically just parked his vehicle, affectionately called the Roost, right next to his favorite trailheads and went running each day. He says, “being mobile so as to access the mountains is the whole purpose for living in the truck.”

That’s pretty crazy. And also pretty awesome.


In an article he wrote for Runners World he says that living out of The Roost was not difficult at all although:

“Showers/bathing is definitely a big constraint on this sort of lifestyle, but really only on either end of the season. From April 1 to November 1 I bathed daily in mountain streams with biodegradable soap. It’s really not an issue, but the temperature is always on COLD. And in the last week of October it’s on POSSIBLY HYPOTHERMIC REALLY F****** COLD. I am not a polar bear, apparently.”

One of my favorite scenes in the documentary is where Tony’s in what appears to be his basement and he’s showing off his wall of running stuff. He has hand-made motivational posters and some of his race bibs hanging up. Awesome.


After watching this film I also purchased Unbreakable: The Western States 100 documentary which follows Tony and three other top ultrarunners as they raced their way through Western States in 2010. That is a seriously, ridiculously awesome film. I’ll write about it in the future but … whoa. If you don’t know who Kilian Jornet is look him up. The way that dude runs down mountains is just a work of art.

You can rent Tony’s documentary, “In the High Country” for $10 or buy it for $15 right on vimeo. I thought it was $15 well spent just for the scenery alone.

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