I’m Scared!

Hey there! Today I am going to share a random list of shit I am scared of:

-Being stabbed in the back while I’m sleeping
-Being shot with a gun in a public place
-Ghosts (even though I’m not sure I believe in them)
-Cecil running away
-Not saving enough to take an early retirement
-Having to use the bathroom during a race where there are limited port-a-potties

Being Stabbed:

The fear of being stabbed in the back while I’m sleeping is something I’ve been afraid of my whole life but that I’ve become somewhat less afraid of as I’ve gotten older.

Being Shot:

As for being shot, when I was a kid I used to have a recurring dream that I was shot with a bullet while I was in school. This was back in the 90s when we didn’t really worry about school shootings so it’s odd that I dreamt about it but I did dream about it often.

Ghosts in the Kitchen:

When it comes to ghosts I would say I definitely believed in them as a kid. Now as an adult I want to say I don’t believe in them yet I am still scared of them! One time Adam and I listened to this paranormal podcast in which a man told the story of seeing his grandmother’s ghost in the kitchen one night, and now every time I get up to feed Cecil before the sun rises I’m also scared of seeing a ghost in the kitchen!

Cecil Running Away:

Speaking of Cecil probably my biggest rational fear is Cecil running away. When Adam and I exit and enter the house we’re super careful to make sure he doesn’t run out the door. When he was younger he used to always try to make the escape. I think he thought it was a fun game. It definitely got him attention! Now that he’s older he doesn’t really do it much anymore but every once in a while he’ll make a break for it. I’m like, don’t I give you a good life here?!


When it comes to retirement Adam and I have said from the very first year we were working professional jobs that we want to retire early (around 40 would be ideal but 45-50 is probably more realistic). We both make decent incomes and because we have no children are able to save a good amount each month.

We have been consciously saving for an early retirement for a decade now but you never know what’s going to happen.  Not being able to retire early scares me because I want to be able to explore the world before I’m too old to truly appreciate it/do it. I know and am very aware this is a privileged thing to say/do.

Where the F is the Port-O-Potty?:

Okay here’s one that I’m sure we can all relate to – being stuck on a stretch of a race course needing to go to the bathroom but not having one in sight. You know when you gotta go the bouncing of your body as you run compounds the feeling of needing to go like right now and that’s the worst.

During my first half marathon ever I experienced this very real issue and kept asking everyone I saw, “is there a port-a-potty soon?” and their answer was “sorry I don’t think so.” Eventually I had to peel off and go use a bathroom inside of a Subway restaurant!

Now I check every single course map to see where the port-o-potties are so I don’t have to panic worrying in case such a situation arises again. Just the knowledge of where they are comforts me. I  haven’t had that issue again though probably because I am so conscious of what I eat in the 48 hours before a race so that my stomach feels nice and good!

I’d love to hear what are some of the things that you’re scared of?



  1. Christine
    May 31, 2018 / 8:33 am

    I am terrified each night that I’ve accidental left Marcy dog out in the yard. It’s never happened, but I’m always asking my partner if she’s in the house when he comes to bed after me.

  2. May 31, 2018 / 3:09 pm

    I’m definitely scared of shitting my pants but it never happened. I am scared of the cats getting out and running away too. I’m scared of someone breaking into my house at night and murdering me. I’m scared of getting killed in a mass shooting. I’m scared of flying. I feel like there’s something else I’m scared of but I can’t think of it right now! We share a lot of the same fears. If all goes as planned I will be able to retire when I am 55. I don’t think I would retire before that because I wouldn’t get as much money from my retirement plan. The key is to be teaching at least 30 years and be 55. When I’m 55 I’ll have taught 33 years which I think is PLENTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!