Weekly Recaps: January 2014

January 1 – 5th

Wednesday: 4 miles running

Thursday: 4 miles running

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 5K miles running

Sunday: 9 miles runnng

January 6 – 12th

Monday: Upper body weights, elliptical

Tuesday: 4 mile run/walk (testing out my tender knee)

Wednesday: Rest day per my coach due to knee

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Unplanned rest day / feeling cold coming on

Sunday: 5 miles running / cold is here


January 13 – 19th

Monday: 15 mins elliptical, 15 mins stationary bike

Tuesday: 3 miles running

Wednesday: 5.5 miles running

Thursday: rest day

Friday: 5k running

Saturday: 11 miles running

Sunday: 40 mins elliptical + stretching/rolling

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