Long Run, Blue Skies, Ocean Breeze

Last weekend my mom popped into town for a visit!

She hasn’t been to Fort Lauderdale for quite a while so I was eager to take her for some salt water therapy.


I figured you wouldn’t mind coming along to the beach too!

We ended up munching on veggies and hummus at a restaurant right along the water while we caught up on all the family drama.



It was a perfect 72 degrees out with a nice ocean breeze so we stayed and chatted for a while.


I know, we look so similar ;). For those who don’t know, I was adopted!

Looks like I’m bald 😀

In less than a week I’ll be running this portion of the beach as part of the A1A Marathon and Half! This is right about where you start striding your way down to the finish line!


I never realized it before but right near the area where the finish line is set up is this 0.0 mile marker!


I am looking forward to earning the gorgeous A1A 10th year anniversary medal next Sunday!


On Saturday I got in my last long run – 9 miles – before the race.

I’m not tapering for this one. In fact I have 31 miles on the schedule for this week. That doesn’t mean I don’t expect to do well though! If you remember I didn’t taper before the Fort Lauderdale Half in November and still set a PR.

I’m not looking to PR this time. This race is just about celebrating a great half marathon season and running my favorite course… but I still want to do well :). I’ll talk more about that later this week!

For now I’m signing off … wishing I was still sitting under a palm tree with a mango smoothie in hand!

I hope you’re off to a good week!

Do you set weekly goals? If so, what is your #1 goal for this week? 


  1. Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes

    I need to come down and run this race! The medals are amazing and so are the views. I hope next year I can add this one to my race schedule!
    Courtney @ Running For Cupcakes recently posted…My New Running Buddy!My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      YES!! That would be so awesome! It’s the perfect destination race (within the US)! 🙂

  2. Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola

    I’m jealous that you guys live near the ocean! I would love to be closer to the beach. Glad you got to enjoy some time with your mom 🙂
    Sam @ Grapefruit & Granola recently posted…Weekend RecapMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Spending time with my mom this weekend was awesome, we completely relaxed and chilled out!

  3. Jess

    Heart eyes emoji! The beach! That looks amazing. It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to make it to an annual Outer Banks beach trip I usually go on with friends this year, so now I’m really pining for warmer weather and the ocean 🙂

    Oh yay, I just noticed you got your Team PAWS link up!

    My #1 goal is not to pass out during my 400s on Tuesday. Speed work scares me.
    Jess recently posted…Run the Bluegrass Training Week 9My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I hear ya! I hate thinking about speedwork, but once you start it just kinda flows. It’s definitely one of those “just gotta take the first step” type of things!

      I was surprised at how many people were venting out into the water over the weekend. I am sure it would have been too cold for me, but I guess the northerners find it pleasant!

  4. Kerry

    I am running the A1A Half as well this weekend! It’s my first half marathon and I’m pretty excited (and a little nervous). Good luck on the race and congrats on your PR. 😉

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hi Kerry! Thanks for dropping in a comment. How exciting that this will be your first half marathon! It’s a great course… the same one I did my first half marathon on. I know you’ll love it and finish wanting more! 🙂

  5. Jennifer @ Running on Lentils

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! I’m excited for you for your upcoming race!
    Jennifer @ Running on Lentils recently posted…Pittsburgh Half Training: Week 4My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thanks Jennifer! It was such a nice afternoon and couple of days with my mom. We just hung out and enjoyed time doing nothing, which normally drives me crazy, but was really nice this time around!

  6. Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine

    Looks like a fun and beautiful weekend! And i love your mindset going into the race!
    Lisa @ Running Out Of Wine recently posted…PRO Compression Giveaway And Discount CodeMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Now that I have talked with Lauren and know what’s coming up in the months ahead for me, I am really glad I already got my PR goal out of the way and can just relax at this one!

  7. Kim

    Fun that you got to spend time catching up with your mom this weekend!!
    I have a high mileage (for me) goal for the week. And, I’m working on business stuff a lot this week:)
    Kim recently posted…A Smile Doesn’t Always Tell the Whole StoryMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I can’t wait to see how many miles you end up with this week. If it’s a high mileage week for you, I’m sure it’s going to be a crazy impressive number!

      I hope all of the business stuff goes smoothly!

  8. Lizzy

    Wow, it looks so beautiful there!

    I think that’s a great way to think about going into this race. With such a beautiful course and such fun medals, it is just going to be a great experience no matter what. Still, I think that with the way your training has been going you can expect to run a good race as well!
    Lizzy recently posted…weekend rundown 3 – cardio by candlelightMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thanks Lizzy! I don’t want to totally bomb the race, but I do want to take it easy and enjoy it. I’ve got some tough running stuff coming up starting in March so it’ll be nice to have a relaxing race!

  9. Hanna

    Glad you had fun with mama bear! Beautiful pictures, so full of color compared to up here where it is nothing but gray and slush. Wish I were on the beach too!

    I’m sure you’ll do awesome this weekend. I see another sub-3 in your future!! 🙂
    Hanna recently posted…Training LatelyMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thanks Hanna! I’ll be happy with anything under 3:05! Sub 3 could be in the cards again since the weather will be nice, but I’ve got a lot of miles on the sched. this week since I’m not tapering so we’ll see how it goes!

      I love the greys and whites that you all have up north! I guess it’s a case of the grass always being greener!

  10. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    I wish I could borrow some of your weather! I just went on the dreariest, bone chilling, rainy run! Munching on hummus right by the water sounds like vacation! YOU LIVE ON VACATION!!!
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Weekend Wrap Up- HOME SWEET HOME!My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hahaha if only I didn’t have to go to work 🙂

  11. cheryl

    I was glad to see you donation link ready-DONE! Happy to contribute! I have to admit, even for a snow lover like me, having dinner by the beach sounds good. We are getting another foot today, it’s a virtual snow day, and I think there is a bit of cabin fever going around!
    Even though you aren’t going for a PR, race your heart out for me! It’s definitely the off season here!
    cheryl recently posted…Back on track…My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      You are the best, thank you Cheryl!

      I can’t believe how much snow you are getting up there! I honestly hadn’t conceptualized how much it really was until you posted your pics!

  12. Carmy

    seeing those photos are making me SO jealous. Can I move in? Ro will get along with your two buddies! I promise. Toronto has been blanketed over the last week by snow ):
    Carmy recently posted…Monday on the Run #15My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I have a guest room! See you soon! 😉

  13. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    I feel like I want to run this half with you. Our paces are going to be so similar!

    The weather has been just perfect! It’s so nice to just hang out with moms…I like that we’re at the age where my mom and I can be friends.

    I read an article recently on Korean adoptees moving back to SK. They’ve started a group called ASK (Adoptee Solidarity Korea)…I was wondering if you had heard of it or were thinking of visiting SK. Have you before?? (I think you posted once that you had but I don’t remember!)
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Run to the Arts 5kMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I would definitely run with you BUT I don’t think you should hold yourself back! The weather is going to be really nice on Sunday. I bet you will surprise yourself with what you’re capable of achieving at this race!

      I have never been back to SK but I would like to go someday. Adam and I have talked about it and I think we’ll eventually do a cruise through Korea, Japan and China. The only thing that’s holding us back at this point is the flight length — ugh!

  14. Jennifer

    I had a mom day as well! We did brunch then mani/pedis 🙂 Your photos were so vibrant – loved the colors!
    Jennifer recently posted…Shamrock Half Training 2/2-2/8 – Week 3My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Ahhh that’s the best! My mom has super ticklish feet so we don’t get pedis very often because she can’t control herself, LOL!

  15. LeAnne@thisismyfaster

    Those pics came out great! love them 🙂 I don’t set weekly mileage goals, just focus on the distance or duration for each running day. I’ve never thought about setting a minimum mileage goal though…do you find it helps you stay motivated?
    LeAnne@thisismyfaster recently posted…Seven Signs of Insanity…My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hey LeAnne! Well, my coach sets my weekly mileage for me, but I do give her input on what I like to do/what makes me feel best. I personally think I make the biggest improvements when I’m running around 30 miles per week. Since I run 6 days per week that means my weeknight runs are long enough to feel like they have a purpose! 😉 Sometimes 2-milers are nice, but I’d much rather be out there for at least 4!

  16. Marie Alessandra

    I’ll never get over how beautiful Fort Lauderdale looks! I’m so jealous, it’s perfect!:3
    I’m glad you had a great time with your mom this weekend ^^ does she live far from F.L., or do you get to see each other often?:)
    That medal is amazing! I hope I can get a medal like that some day haha yes, I like medals okay xD puurrrttty :3
    Marie Alessandra recently posted…A breath of fresh airMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      She is about a five hour drive from where I am. It’s just far enough to be a really annoying drive! The good news is that she is planning to move to Fort Laud. within the next year! 😉 I can’t wait!

  17. Jenny

    That medal and those beach pictures are both making me salivate!!!
    Jenny recently posted…*courtney – diary of an injured runnerMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I know it!! I wasn’t going to run this race but when I saw the medal I was like, “yep, that’s gonna be mine!” 😀

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