Look What I Got in the Mail!

Hey there! WHEW yesterday was a DAY for me. I didn’t eat lunch until 5:30pm, so I’m not really even sure that could be called lunch. I’m not one to skip a meal just because I’m busy so you know it was a next level day!

Also because I just really had to show you what I got in the mail:

Oh! And guess what? This is my 100th vlog and my goal was to have 100 youtube subscribers by the time I posted my 100th vlog and now I have 102 subscribers!

I know the # of subscribers is silly to care about but I do end up putting a lot of time into making even the simplest vlog so it’s nice to have some metric of success to look at. I mean, I run for fun but also want to PR sometimes because it’s nice to get that positive reinforcement, I guess it’s sort of the same thing. THANK YOU for subscribing!

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