My April Running Recap!

Hey there! Today I’m just popping in to share my April running recap.

This was the first month that I started working with a coach again, the same coach I worked with back in 2014 when I earned all my PRs!

I feel so much more settled and confident about my running when I have a coach guiding me because I don’t have to worry about ‘am I doing too much’ or ‘am I not doing enough?’ I feel like I did the right amount and made steady progress throughout April. More details about mileage and paces in the video!

I’m looking forward to a great month of May running here at home and abroad during vacation. You know I love syncing my Garmin in new places :).

I hope April left you feeling confident in your running too, but if it didn’t there’s always May (and June and July and August…)!

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  1. Ana

    Good luck with all of your running goals!! I know you got it in you to chase to goals down!!


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