My Celebrity Dinner Guest List

Last week Meg wrote a blog post detailing out who should
would put on her celebrity dinner party guest list & I loved the idea!
Today I’m putting my own little spin on it.
Here is my table placement list of celebs I would invite to my wedding. 

The Ultrarunner Table

Photo: Ultimate Direction Blog
Anton and Scott. Photo: Ultimate Direction Blog
  • Scott Jurek
  • Anton Krupicka
  • Seb Chaigneau
  • Kilian Jornet
  • Ann Trason

The (Popular) Sports Table


  • Aaron Rodgers* (Packers)
  • LeBron James (Heat)
  • Dwayne Wade (Heat)
  • Cameron Wake (Dolphins)
  • Alfred Morris (FAU represent!!) (Redskins … I hope they change the name)

On the off chance that Aaron is my groom (sorry, Adam!) , I would replace his seat at the table with Tom Brady. Tom was my fantasy football QB last year and earned me a lot of points. 

The Movie Star / TV Star / Singer Table

Mindy! Photo: Instagram/MindyKaling
Mindy! Photo: Instagram/MindyKaling
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Leonardo DiCaprio (my first cat’s name was Leo)
  • Justin Timberlake (my second cat’s name was Timberlake, affectionately called Timby)
  • Daniel Radcliffe
  • Emma Watson
No, Cecil is not named after a celebrity crush. I grew out of that phase ; )

The BAR (Blog About Running) Blog Table 

  • YOU

I would literally sit everyone at one big runner’s table … and I wouldn’t care if you wore Brooks instead of heels or Under Armour instead of dressy clothes!

You would have your own open bar stocked with Gatorade, Powerade and Nuun ; ) It would be so fun!

I do sort of have an idea of which bloggers I would sit next to each other based on personalities/interests. Should the need ever arise, I feel confident I could rock a run blogger/commenter seating chart!

Who would YOU invite to your celebrity dinner party???


  1. Amy

    This is so funny and totally random. I have to say, a bar stocked with Gatorade and nuun is cute, but not necessarily my idea of a great night! If you need a contact to Anton I may be able to help out!
    Amy recently posted…Treating Asthma as an InjuryMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hahaha! I would totally have some wine and champagne available too 🙂

  2. Jennifer

    This is such a fun post! I think Mindy Kaling is hilarious and yes to Alfred Morris (I root for OId DC: – part of our cheer) !! I would also add a World Cup player soccer table (James Rodriguez, Clint Dempsey… hmm who else) 🙂
    Jennifer recently posted…NYC Marathon Training 6/23-6/29 – Week 2My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Yay, another Mindy fan!!! 🙂

      Good call on the World Cup Soccer table … especially today!

  3. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    Can I bring Paul as a guest and have him seated at the sports table? And can you accidentally seat Leo next to Meg Go Run???
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Where In The World Are Megan & Paul??????My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Haha yes, while Paul is distracted at the sports table, you can chat up Leo 😉

  4. cheryl

    Great post—make sure your blogging friends’ table is right next to the ultra-runners table… 🙂 I showed my daughter the HP shirt from yesterday–she “has to have” one!

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Yes, of course, the runners will all be near each other 🙂

      That HP shirt rocks. If it were made of tech material I would have already ordered myself one already! I may still do it … haha

  5. The running Schlub

    LOL totally great post. Of course I would love to see Sage Canaday at the ultra table but that is for my own interests lol. How can you leave Bosh out of this, wow total disrespect to the Big 3, you just made it a BIG 2!! Can you imagine the blogging, selfying, instagramming, and whatever else social media would be going on at the blogger table. It would be nuts. Fantastic post.
    The running Schlub recently posted…Mid Year ReviewMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I know, I know! I felt really bad leaving Bosh off of the list, but I didn’t want it to be all Heat players 🙂 I had to put at least one Dolphin in there. If Cam Wake couldn’t make it I would sub in Bosh 😉

  6. Helly

    Oh the Heat players table…. (Bosh by the way would be the only Heat I find acceptable of the 3 and you left him out!) lol!!

    I would definitely have a basketball table. Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Kevin Durant, I could go on…
    Helly recently posted…Helloooo July!! Mid-Year ReviewMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I totally had KD on my list and took him off at the last minute! His MVP speech this year was soooo good!

  7. Kim

    So fun – I hope that the blogger dinner is in conjunction with the celebrity/sports/ultra runner one!!!
    And, I’m with Amy – I will bring some wine/beer/cocktails as my contribution!!!
    Kim recently posted…3 Recent ScaresMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      That would be appreciated! could we host it at your venue? ;D

  8. Karen

    I love this!! Blogger table idea is awesome lol
    Karen recently posted…A Week Just HappenedMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I know you know who I left off this list that I secretly would want to be there 😀



  9. Courtney @RunningforCupcakes

    This is so fun! You would have to keep me far, far away from LeBron! I HATE him haha!
    Courtney @RunningforCupcakes recently posted…Marathon Training: Week 4My Profile

  10. Lou @ Running Through China

    I agree with Amy and Kim – wine/cocktails would be very welcome at the bloggers table! Wow, I’d love to come to your celebrity wedding party, sounds ace!

    Hmm, hard question re: who I’d have at my celebrity dinner. I’d pic, at random, and no set theme here: Juliet Lewis, Paul Rudd, Woody Harrelson, Jon Bon Jovi (swoon, haha), Chris Cornell (swoon again), the Bolivian president (or former president? I am crap) Morales, Elizabeth Banks, Johnny Depp, the guy doing amazing things with Ubuntu in South Africa – Michael Tellinger, and Prince. Boom, fairly mixed bag there, but it would be a GREAT dinner party methinks 🙂

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      That is a great list!!! I bet Johnny Depp would be the life of the party!

  11. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    I want a blogger dinner ASAP hehe.
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…Settling In – A House PostMy Profile

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