My Full Sunday Workout

Hey there! I hope you had a great weekend. On Saturday I spent about 10 hours on the couch, which was honestly exactly how I wanted to spend the day. But it did mean on Sunday I needed to get in a good workout! Balance, you know?

I often film my weightlifting sessions so that I can check on my form and see where I need to make improvements. I decided to post the clips of yesterday’s squat workout for anyone else interested in lifting or keeping up with me as I progress through the Wendler 5-3-1 plan!

Some days you just feel a little off and I felt that way yesterday, but I still get in all my prescribed sets. I worked up to 3 @ 175lbs. I’m looking forward to getting back into the 200s when I start my next cycle of this program!

If lifting isn’t your thing don’t worry I have a lot of running and shopping updates for this week. My first race in a year is coming up this Saturday and I am excited and anxious. I hope that’s the combination I need to have a great first race back!

And since mother’s day is also coming up I bought myself quite a few new running outfits recently since I know Cecil won’t be getting me a gift. Honestly, the only problem with having a cat for a son is that he’s too lazy to do anything to earn an allowance so he never gets me any gifts for holidays.

… talk to you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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What did you get up to this weekend?