New Favorite Running Gadget

Hey there! How’d Monday go? Hope it wasn’t too bad. I kind of love Mondays because I feel refreshed from the weekend… then it all goes downhill from there hahaha!

I had a great Monday because I bought a new favorite running gadget:

I had a good reason and a good excuse for buying it :).

At the end of my vlog I said I had to go call B to get filled in on her dating life. WOW am I glad to not be dating! Those aren’t my stories to tell but maybe the next time we get together she can share some of her funnier stories. Or maybe she can finally start that blog she’s been talking about since last year!

Let’s just say I am SO glad dating apps didn’t exist when I was dating. Adam and I met the good old fashioned way, at a Halloween party in an overcrowded college apartment. Fueled by liquid courage (aka Smirnoff Ice) I said “hello, you look like Ryan Phillipe” and the rest is history!



  1. July 31, 2018 / 7:07 am

    I tried some earbuds that were like those beats, with the over-ear thing, but they didn’t actually latch onto my ear enough and they were kind of heavy, so they fell out a lot when I was running.

    Are these super light? Do the over-ear pieces really grip your ears?

    I am using some relatively cheap headphones from MPOW right now, and they are fabulous. I wish I had the money to buy some new Jaybirds because those fit me so well and the battery life is amazing. I think my MPOWs have a 6hr battery life, which will be cutting it close if I ever train for a marathon again lol.

    PS, I think that about dating ALL THE TIME. Today’s dating scene is scary.

    • Kristina
      July 31, 2018 / 8:50 am

      They are lightweight and grip really good. It’s the middle piece that grips well – the actual over ear part doesn’t seem to do much. I think it’s like 2X bigger than my ear haha. It grips so well that at first I thought maybe it hurt my ears but I think it was just that my ears aren’t used to having something on them like that because once I started running I totally forgot about them. I know the price for the powerbeats3 can go up to like $200 but at Best Buy they were only $109 – they do price matching too so I think you could get them even cheaper. I saw them online somewhere (after I already bought them) for $80 I think Best Buy would match that.