New Vlog: Three’s a Party With Barbs!

I cannot lie, I am completely exhausted this week. There has been a lot going on at work, plus my home schedule has been thrown off with Barbs here.

Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove having her here, but it’s just totally thrown off my routine. Instead of going to sleep at 9:30pm I’ve been going to bed much later and now I’m just drained. Can’t wait to recharge my batteries this weekend!

Barbs, Adam and I have been vlogging the last couple of days and I have to say I think this is my favorite vlog EVER!

Did you see Adam lift 355lbs like it was nothing?! That’s my man😍.

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Do you like playing VR games?
Are you judging our back patio with no furniture and no plants? 
Can you believe Barbs velcro’d her dress together! hahahaha


  1. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    HA! That is funny about the velcroed dress! I would be really concerned it would snag something.. but I guess in Miami you probably don’t wear nylons like we do here in Ohio!! I missed your blog post yesterday when you showed my winning draw. Geez, my bad. Thanks again!! Are you sure I didn’t need to come to Florida to pick it up? I wouldn’t complain about a weekend getaway 🙂
    Glad your shoulder is feeling better!
    Lisa @ TechChick Adventures recently posted…Two things ThursdayMy Profile

    1. Kristina

      Hahahah yes please! I would love for you to come visit!

  2. Heather [is probably running]

    My sister and niece are coming to visit in March and I know it will end up the exact same way as Barb’s visit. I’m dying to see them and LOVE having them here, but I will be so exhausted and so ready to be alone when they leave. I like my routine.

    1. Kristina

      Exactly! It totally threw off my entire week since I was going to bed so much later. I definitely caught up on sleep this weekend though…. I think I slept more hours than I was awake! 😀

  3. Megan @ Meg Go Run

    You guys had a fun week! I tried the virtual reality thing at my cousin’s house a couple weeks ago. It was so cool!! My Grandma even tried it, which was hilarious. 🙂 I love how Adam is always like “Are you recording?” hehe. Can’t he tell because you have your camera??
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Cat litter in my shoe!My Profile

    1. Kristina

      Hahahahah I know I don’t know why he’s always so surprised I’m recording – I’m always recording! 😀

  4. Schlub

    “Have you been recording the whole time” bahahahaha…classic!!

    I’m really enjoying the on the go vlogs and your editing and music is really looking awesome. Great work.
    Schlub recently posted…Thursday Run BuddiesMy Profile

    1. Kristina

      Thank you! I’m trying to get a little more creative, but I still don’t know a whole lot about editing. It’s mostly all just trying things and seeing what works!

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