Photoshoot Update

Hey there! Last week I posted a video that I didn’t post here talking about an upcoming photoshoot:

If you didn’t watch the video this post may not make total sense, but the gist is that I directed a photoshoot for a brand this past Saturday. The company flew in a handful of ambassadors in with the goal of creating photos and videos the brand could use for the next few months on social media.

Since I’m on the marketing team for the client, I ended up coordinating and directing the shoot with the client and the Art Director. I was responsible for booking the location, assigning a makeup artist, picking wardrobe, scheduling the day out, putting together the shot list and directing the shots on the day-of.

All things considered this was a fairly small shoot but we had a tight schedule with only one day of shooting booked. Call-time was 7:30am on Saturday and by mid-last week I was feeling good about how things would good.

Then Thursday night at 8:30pm I got a call on my cell phone from the location letting me know they had septic issues that caused flooding and we would not be able to shoot there on Saturday. SHIT.

From 8:30pm until 1:30am the next day I was in panic mode knowing I needed to find an alternate location for Saturday. With the ambassadors flying in from all over the country re-scheduling would be a nightmare and costly too.

The one saving grace is that most of the shots would be tight – close ups of the ambassadors and close-ups of the products so finding the perfect location wasn’t necessary but it would of course be preferred to find a gorgeous location.

Looong story short, by Friday at 9:30am I was running on almost no sleep but I had an alternate location booked, and in the end the shoot went well. We got all the content we needed and I think the ambassadors had a good time too. However, the owner of the new location and I are not big fans of each other to say the least.. and that story will be coming tomorrow. I was going to type it out but I think it’ll be easier to put it into video to really explain it. Some things are best explained with facial expressions and hand motions! 😀

How was your weekend?
Anyone else have to work on Saturday?