Positive Vibes and Negative Splits

Yesterday was all about projecting positivity for me. Wednesdays are my least favorite day of the week but I woke up determined to have a good day:

Yesterday was my quality run (aka speed) day and I was ready for a redemption run. Last week I struggled with my half mile intervals. I nailed the first two but then got progressively worse. My coach says she knows the pace isn’t the problem, but it could be a combination of so many other things.

The first thing is hydration. It’s so hot and humid out this summer that I HAVE to bring a drink with electrolytes with me, and she recommended having a sip every 15 minutes. She also mentioned since my heart rate was pretty high that maybe I needed more recovery time between the intervals; that makes sense to me. We’ll play around with that.

I suggested that it could also be my mental game. I mean I was sidelined from running for almost a year and even before that it was a while since I actually raced or trained hard. I think I probably gave up too easily during the last couple of intervals. I basically forgot that sometimes running is supposed to be hard and really uncomfortable, and I forgot that you’re supposed to push through that!

Yesterday I had a four mile progression run on my schedule and it went great! Better than great! I made sure to take in electrolytes every 15ish minutes and I made sure my head was in the game too. I am making some common rookie mistakes these days, but the good part about not actually being a rookie is that I know what I need to do to adjust quickly.

…I can’t believe I forgot that you’re supposed to hydrate during hot runs, hahahah!