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I started running in June 2012 and ran my first race in February 2013. I’m not the world’s fastest runner, but I train hard and have been steadily improving my distance and paces! Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far!


Since I ran my first 5K in Feb 2013 I’ve decreased my overall race time by 8 minutes and 53 seconds and I have decreased my average pace by 3 minutes and 23 seconds! (I’ve yet to race a 5K in 2015).

My first 5K was run at a 15:34 minute per mile pace and my most recent 5K was finished at an average 12:12 minute per mile pace!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.16.50 PM

Feb 2, 2013Color Me RadUntimedUntimed
Feb 9, 2013Run Wild 5K46:5015:35
Mar 24, 2013Kendra's Kisses 5K46:2314:57
May 5, 2013The Color Run42:4114:30
Feb 15, 2014Fort Laud. 5K39:4812:48
Sept 21, 2014Optime 5K39:3012:43
Dec 21, 2014Jingle Bell Jog37:5712:12

Half Marathon:

Since I ran my first half marathon in Nov 2013 I’ve decreased my overall race time by 38 minutes and decreased my average pace by 2 minutes 43 seconds!

My first half marathon was run at 16:13 minute per mile pace and my most recent half was finished at an average 13:30 minute per mile pace!

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 12.17.02 PM

Nov 10, 2013Allstate Fort Laud. Half 3:35:0816:13
Feb 23, 2014Disney Princess Half3:29:3815:59
Nov 9, 2014Michelob Ultra Fort Laud. Half3:03:2113:59
Jan 25, 2015Lifetime Miami Half2:57:0813:30
Feb 15, 2015Fort Lauderdale A1A Half3:01:2313:51


I’ve only run one full marathon so far and the day was full of trials (as I’m sure everyone’s first marathon is). I’m looking forward to running a quality second marathon this fall in Chicago!

Oct 5, 2014Portland Marathon7:00:1516:26
Oct 11, 2015Chicago MarathonTBDTBD

All of these times are a work in progress!

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  1. Vicky

    The result is good. I like your sharing. I also feel motivated in order to prepare for the next race. ^^


  2. Messi Albert

    That’s great! It is really inspiring. You have achieved a lot in short time. Enjoy your run for more years to come.
    Messi Albert recently posted…​Importance of Arm action to improve running performance and speedMy Profile


  3. Charlie Alf

    This is so incredible – running takes incredible discipline and mental strength. I think it’s a great idea to track your times and encourage yourself to improve. Your commitment to improving is inspiring. Congratulation on improving your race times. Run on, friend!
    Charlie Alf recently posted…Top business backpacks for womenMy Profile


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