Running around the “venice of America”

We’ve made it to the middle of the week, guys!

And now I need your honest opinion, what do you think of my new sunglasses?

My new shades.

: )

Last night was just an easy two mile loop around the intracoastal for me.

Running around Fort Lauderdale is a privilege because it’s mostly flat (if you like that sort of thing), and the views along both the beach and the intracoastal are really pretty.

Some people describe Fort Lauderdale as the “Venice of America” because you can basically hop on your boat, kayak, canoe, yacht, paddleboard, etc. to get from place to place.

unnamed (16).jpg
This is where I am going to paddle board!

After reading about Ali’s paddleboarding adventures over the past year, I have decided that this summer I am going to rent a paddleboard and ride down the intracoastal. Provided I figure out how to stay upright on the board.

Over the weekend several of my favorite bloggers conquered amazing challenges and I just have to brag about them for a minute:

– Congrats to Lou (at Running Through China) for not only running her first 50K but finishing in the TOP 20 on her first crack at the distance! She is seriously amazing!

– My coach, Lauren, broke tape at the Heartbreak Hill 10K finishing before Shalane and then chatted with her after the race! (Ahhh! Sooo cool!)

Kristen (at Glitter and Dust) conquered her first Ironman 70.3 like a CHAMP! She got stronger and stronger as the race went on which is SO inspiring! Go Kristen!

– After recovering from back surgery, Dawn (at Running the Dawn) killed her first half marathon back on the scene in sub-2 even though the day had 100% humidity!

How did people find motivation before the Internet? I seriously love being able to pull up a blog or watch a video on YouTube for motivation on the days that I just don’t have any.

Do you have a favorite video / passage from a book / blog post that you read for motivation? 

Do you like paddleboarding / kayaking / other water activities? 


  1. The running schlub

    Sweet shades! Fort Lauderdale looks amazing. Paddle boarding around that area would be so much fun. I can’t wait til you get the chance to do that.

    Favorite inspiration is going back through old ultra marathon videos on you tube and seeing these great runners tackle these ridiculous courses. On top of that all the great bloggers around. Plenty of motivation to go around.
    The running schlub recently posted…Seriously Reconsidering My Fitness LevelMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Same here! Reading the blogs of other runners AND watching ultrarunning videos. For some reason this one is my go-to:

  2. Amy

    That picture (where you will paddleboard) is amazing! I want to go to there! Um….were you having a bit too much fun with photoshop? Ha-it is a good look for you, though.

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Hhahah, thanks! Come visit! 🙂

  3. dawn @ running the dawn

    aaaaa! thanks for the shout out 🙂

    i totally agree. my blog, and the blogging world, is my #1 favorite training tool. my running has been more shaped by what i learn from my peers than any book or article or anything else.

    ok, i’ve been eyeing paddle boarding ever since my physical therapist raved about how its the best core workout ever. since you already inspired me to take up pool running, i can’t wait to read about your paddle boarding adventures 🙂
    dawn @ running the dawn recently posted…Echo Half Marathon 2014My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Exactly! I get inspiration from elite runners, but I got motivation from other “regular” runners who have similar lives and are crushing big goals!

      I will definitely blog about paddle boarding! I’m really excited to try it!

  4. Kristen @ Glitter and Dust

    You are way too sweet, Kristina! Thanks for including me on your bragging list. 🙂 It seems like every week people are accomplishing huge things and inspiring others along the way. I love the blogging world for this reason – to read about and be encouraged by real stories and people.

    I love kayaking and paddle boarding. My husband and I always go up to the lakes during the summer and kayak out to go camping. A great way to spend time alone in the mountains!
    Kristen @ Glitter and Dust recently posted…Ironman 70.3 Boise Race Recap: Bike, Run, and CelebrationMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      That’s awesome! I loved kayaking as a kid, I haven’t done it much as an adult. I really want to get back to that and try paddle boarding this year!

  5. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    OMG YOU’LL HAVE A BLAST PADDLING!! Start on your knees and stand up when you feel comfortable. You’ll be great! It looks nice and smooth there!
    Ali @ Hit the Ground Running recently posted…This Weekend in PicturesMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      I spent a little time yesterday watching videos on the REI site about how to get started!

      It is very smooth on the intracoastal… I see people paddle boarding around it all the time!

  6. Helly

    Wow, I had no visual image of Ft. Lauderdale but that pic is beautiful!
    I love that I started blogging. I was apprehensive at first but I’ve “met” so many cool people and continue to do so–like you! 🙂
    Helly recently posted…3 Reasons Why I Hate The HeatMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Thank you! 🙂 I snapped the pic on my iPhone at dusk and had to adjust it a bit in photoshop, I’m glad I didn’t butcher it!

  7. Kim

    I’m pretty sure that I would love living in Ft. Lauderdale – so cool!!!
    You are so right about all of the motivation and inspiring things around the blog world!!
    Kim recently posted…An Appointment with MyselfMy Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      If you like the water and sunshine, this is really the place to be! 🙂 I lived in Miami for a year when I was in college and didn’t really love it, but I adore Fort Lauderdale. Miami gets all the credit, but this is really where it’s at!!

  8. Lou @ Running Through China

    Thank you SO much for the awesome and lovely shout out! You are the best, seriously! Feel very honoured to be on your bragging list, cheers Kristina!

    I agree – blogs are so so motivational, and I’m so glad I ‘discovered’ them (just last year hey). YOUR blog comments (particularly ones re: being a badass) are particularly motivational I find! 🙂

    What a gorgeous place to run around. May have to plan a trip to Fort Lauderdale in the not too distant future. 🙂

    Stand up paddle boarding looks loads of fun! I like kayaking/canoeing and diving, but not so keen on other water activities like surfing and swimming, I guess because there is less ‘equipment’ and it is kind of just yourself against the water, haha (am not a great swimmer at all).

    Looking forward to hearing all about the paddle boarding! 🙂

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      Haha you ARE a badass! If I ever run an ultra that allows/requires pacers, I would totally ask you!

      I’ve never tried diving, but I don’t know if I could handle it. I like swimming, but I don’t even really like snorkeling. Kayaking (and hopefully SUPing) is more my thing. I don’t like to look at the fish under the water! haha

  9. Karen

    Your views are seriously amazing! I love all the accomplishments I get to hear about from everyone by blogging 🙂 I haven’t had too many water adventures in recent years…maybe I need to plan one 🙂
    Karen recently posted…Why Do I Do These Things?My Profile

    1. Kristina @ Blog About Running

      You should! I wish we could all get together and spend a weekend running, hiking and SUPing/kayaking/etc. It would be so fun!

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