My Shiny Running Gift to Myself

A few days ago I posted the following picture to Instagram with the caption that the gift I had bought myself finally arrived:

Brown box with big pink bow

This little box may not look like it contains a shiny running gift, BUT IT DOES!

And here it is – a simple silver bracelet with the number “50” on it.

For me that 50 represents the 50-mile ultramarathon that I plan to run before I turn 30.


It also represents the 50K ultramarathon that I plan to run this time next year. My first ultra.

It’s a customized version of this Marathon Bracelet from Georgie Designs on Etsy:

Marathon bracelet that has 26.2 inscribed on it

Wearing the 50 bracelet is a constant reminder that:

  • I have to be dedicated to run 50
  • I have to work hard to run 50
  • I have to eat right to run 50

It’s a reminder that even though I’ve yet to run my first half marathon, I’m laying the foundation for the ability to run 50 right now.

It’s also a reminder that I have already accomplished what may be considered the hardest part: getting started and sticking with it.

It wasn’t that long ago that I tentatively stepped on the treadmill to do Couch to 5K: Day 1. Back then I couldn’t have imagined that I would EVER want to do an ultra. I didn’t think I would ever even want to do a half marathon … but here we are a year later and my fitness goals have evolved. 

Maybe wearing a bracelet seems a little overboard or a little weird but I kind of like it. A lot.

Cecil approves too, so there’s that:


Maybe the bracelet is a little excessive but I tend to always get carried away with things. That’s actually why I think I’m going to be a good ultrarunner.

Do you have any little things that remind you to stay dedicated? To run strong? To reach your goals (running and non-running related)?


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  1. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running
    October 3, 2013 / 10:48 am

    Such a pretty bracelet! And I love how you’re looking into the future and now have a constant reminder of your goal. It’s sure to keep you focused.