Tonight I Was Reminded That Running Can Be Fun

FINALLY! I got my first good run of the week in tonight.

Earlier this week I was mentally off my game. I was half expecting tonight to go the same, but by some miracle I finally got a good run in!

It was only 30 minutes long (that’s all my half marathon training plan called for), but it was a really great 30 minutes. I didn’t press myself to reach a certain pace or mileage, I just kind of went with it because I was feeling good.

Tonight I was reminded that running can be fun. 

Sneakers on the treadmill

Pictured above are my Brook’s Dyad sneakers. I’ve had them for about a month now. I still don’t LOVE them (they are a very heavy and bulky shoe), but the stabilizing pods are definitely helping to correct my foot rolling issue.

I’ll be glad once my foot is trained to not roll so I can kiss these sneakers goodbye and get back into a lightweight shoe. I’ll probably look at a different pair of Brooks though. The sneaker is made really well and other than the bulkiness of the shoe I like it a lot.

Here I am right after my cool down on the treadmill:

Me after the treadmill run

So happy to have finally gotten a good run in!

When I first started running I ALWAYS ran on the treadmill and really didn’t understand why anyone would call it the dreadmill. I didn’t mind it at all. Now that I’ve had a few outdoor runs, I am itching to get back outside!

I would have tried to get an outdoor run in tonight but we were under a tornado warning until 8pm and the rain was coming down really heavy.

Tomorrow is a weightlifting day and then Saturday I’ll be back out there for a 5-miler!