Running through Cozumel (in pictures)

I’m home! We hopped off the cruise ship around 8AM yesterday morning, just in time for me to throw on a dress and head to the office so I could catch up on work  watch the Boston Marathon : ).

Before I jump into a picture fest from the cruise, let me just confess that I did very little running — only about 3 to 3.5 miles each day. The wonderful running track on the ship is along the top deck and while the views were awesome, the winds were a killer! We’re talking blow-you-off-the-boat-scary winds (or maybe I’m just dramatic?).


The gym has state of the art treadmills which are great, but I ended up getting really seasick while running. The gym is at the front of the boat and you feel every. single. wave.  I was pretty much the only idiot trying to run, every one else was walking while holding on to the side rails. 

unnamed (1)

All in all I ran about 15 miles last week, which means my legs should be well rested up for a big week of running this week!

… Okay, now prepare yourself for a lot of water shots! I am obsessed with how blue and clear the water is in Cozumel. These were all taken with my new-ish DSLR camera!


Our boat, Liberty of the Seas, docked in Cozumel.

Testing out the life boats, in this beautiful, perfect, amazing blue water.


It actually never occurred to me that you would need to test lifeboats, but now that I’m thinking about it I’m really glad to know they do test them!

lif2Arrrrr ye matey, a pirate ship!


View of the shoreline from our boat:


Little shop… there are actually tons of little shops exactly like this one all over Cozumel.  The first time we went I was super excited about all the handmade toys which I thought were made locally. But then we went to Jamaica and Haiti and they had all of the same exact little toys which was very disappointing.


Aaaaand one final water shot because I will never cease to be amazed at the color:


You probably noticed that there are no shots or Adam or I on this cruise. Sadly, Adam came down with something and wasn’t/isn’t feeling well. He’s normally not in a picture taking mood, but really wasn’t on this trip.

Oh well, sometimes on vacation I get caught up in living through the camera lens and forget to enjoy the moment. This time we left our cell phones and cameras in the room and just enjoyed whatever we were doing,.. with the exception of pulling out the DSLR in Cozumel so I could take some practice shots of the blue water I am obsessed with.

Do you ever get so wrapped up in taking pictures you forget to enjoy the moment? 

Do you get seasick? 

– Adam does and takes medicine for it. I don’t like taking medicine unless I have to, so I skipped it and just ran until I was about to puke 😀




  1. April 22, 2014 / 7:37 am

    i can’t imagine running on a track on top of a ship! i’d be terrified of getting blown overboard.

    looks like such a fun trip!

  2. April 22, 2014 / 9:16 am

    Gorgeous pictures!!! The one cruise we’ve been on, neither Chris or I had any problems with feeling seasick. Sorry that Adam wasn’t 100% for the trip! Hope y’all still had a great time!!

  3. April 22, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    those are some amazing pictures. looks like such a fun trip. sorry Adam was not feeling well. Your legs should be ready for some good running.

  4. April 22, 2014 / 1:57 pm

    What a pretty trip! the water is really beautiful 🙂 I think you did amazing running 15 miles on vacation. I have never been on a boat like that before, just some short cruise trips for like 3 hours. I have never felt sick, but the thought of not being able to see land does make me feel chicken – just a bit lol Sorry Adam wasn’t feeling well. How hot is it this time of year? humid??

  5. April 22, 2014 / 3:20 pm

    How beautiful!! We haven’t been on a cruise since our honeymoon eight years ago, I’d love to go on another!

  6. April 22, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    That water is so blue and beautiful! Sorry Adam wasn’t well for your trip, that sucks hey. Good on you for getting in some running while cruising! That is dedication hey. I’m not sure I could handle the seasickness.

    Thanks for the pictures!

  7. April 23, 2014 / 6:31 pm

    Looks gorgeous! I could get used to running with a view from that track!

  8. April 23, 2014 / 7:15 pm

    I would have been one of the crazy ones trying to run with you and not holding onto the rails! 🙂 What a bummer that Adam got sick. It is funny you asked about getting wrapped up in taking pics that you don’t enjoy the moment- I took LOTS of pics at Boston but I know I definitely soaked everything in as well!

  9. April 24, 2014 / 7:41 pm

    You’re a BEAST for running every day. Seriously, great job! I usually get in like 5 miles on a cruise.

    I’m so glad you had fun!!