Weightlifting Day: Shoulder & Bicep Exercises

At the risk of sounding like someone much older than I am, I threw out my back this weekend.

I woke up on Sunday and thought I wasn’t going to be able to get out of bed it was that bad! Luckily once I got moving I started feeling better and eventually got an easy 3.1 mile run in.

Today I was supposed to squat but I didn’t want to risk aggravating my back, so I stuck to shoulder and bicep exercises.

Act like a lady, lift like a boss

  • Seated shoulder press: 5 x 30lbs
  • The Arnold press: 12 x 15lbs (3 sets)
  • Lateral shoulder raises: 12 x 3lbs (3 sets)
  • Face pulls: 12 x 60lbs (3 sets)
  • Incline curls: 15 x 10lbs (3 sets)
  • Front curls: 12 x 15lbs (3 sets)
  • Skull crushers: 12 x 15lbs (3 sets)

Yes, I used the little 3lb dumb bells for the lateral shoulder raises, but still reallllly felt the buuuurn!

Now I can barely pick up my glass to bring my protein shake to my lips, haha. Hurts so good!