Ow, Sore Calves From Running

Just wrapped up the final training run before the 5K on Sunday.

Yesterday my legs felt really fresh, but today some of the soreness I was experiencing earlier this week (and late last week) came back. I stretched really good after my run, but my calves are still expressing some unhappiness.

Tomorrow I’ll take a full rest day and hopefully wake up on Sunday feeling really good.

Tonight’s run:

Mile 1: 14 minutes
Mile 2: 14 minutes

Because I had to take some unexpected rest days this week – including only running two miles on days when I would have gone longer – I’m going to have to reach deep to meet my goal of running 50 miles this month.

Runkeeper chart

Basically I will need to run at least 3 miles six of the seven days next week.

I’m looking forward to getting this 5K on Sunday down in the books so I can start my half marathon training plan. If my calves are still abnormally sore after Sunday’s run I won’t push myself to reach the 50 mile goal because I don’t want to delay the start of my 13.1 training.

Eeep, I’m really excited to start the training plan! Yeahhh!