Tennis Tournament + New Spin Bike

Yesterday morning B and I were up at the break of dawn to head down to Key Biscayne for day two of her tennis tournament. She won both of her matches on Friday night and was excited for another day of play.

When we got there all the tennis players were treated to a surprise because Andy Murray (currently ranked as the 16th best men’s singles player) was on center court having a private practice! We all got to stand around and watch for a bit.

I didn’t know, but this is actually where the Miami Open is played every year. That’s probably why he was in town to use the court.

Seeing Andy was great inspiration for the day and helped Barbs go on to nab her third straight win, which basically ensured she would move on to the finals today.

I was able to vlog the whole time we were at the tournament so I have some fun footage to share with you, maybe tomorrow (or later tonight if you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel).

The exciting news in my world, besides being friends with a tennis legend, is that I finally bought a spin bike. I’ve been thinking about it for months. As most of you know Adam and I have a home gym with free weights, bench and smith machine; however, we didn’t have any cardio equipment until I placed this order yesterday:

We generally don’t need cardio equipment because Adam goes to MMA class a couple times a week for cardio and of course I usually run outside.

I’m really hoping when I see my doctor again on December 11th he takes the stitches out and clears me to run. I was nervous that might not happen, but when I was showering today I noticed the wound is actually starting to finally close up good. As long as I keep babying it I think by the 11th it will be in good shape.

If that’s the case I’ll be able to run outdoors, but if that’s not the case I want to have cardio equipment at home that I can use that won’t bother my incision site. Right now I’m on “limited activity and definitely no running or walking (as exercise)” because the motion of walking/running irritates the incision site and causes swelling that prohibits the incision from closing well.

So now we will have a spin bike in case I don’t get cleared to run, and also just so we can do some cardio cross training at home if we want to. I just went with a simple one for now since I’m not sure how much we’ll use it.

I’m looking forward to giving it a spin. LOLOL.

I hope you are having a great weekend! I’m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday spent with my favorite people, which obviously includes Cecil because cats are people too.

Enjoy your day!

Anyone else like to play tennis? Or spin?



  1. December 3, 2017 / 9:41 am

    I want to bite Cecil’s foot!!! 🙂

    That is exciting you bought a spin bike. Our’s is of similar quality and it has lasted us years! We had to replace the chain (I know it’s not really a chain, but whatever acts as the chain) one time.

    Go B!!! That is exciting she is doing so well. Can’t wait to watch your Vlog.

    • Kristina
      December 3, 2017 / 10:10 am

      I know. IDK why his feet are so cute but they are!

      I actually searched our FB messages and found the link you sent me to the spin bike you have but it was sold out and Amazon recommended this one as a similar alternative. I have high hopes!!

  2. December 4, 2017 / 11:12 am

    I’ve been eyeing that bike for a while and have had it in my Amazon cart. Hope you’ll post a review on it and the assembly. Glad you had a great time with your friend!

    • Kristina
      December 4, 2017 / 1:59 pm

      Absolutely, will post a review for you!