Thursday Things!

Hey there! I’m functioning on very little sleep today, so I hope this post makes sense 🙂 If it feels a little off the rails, I apologize!

The Calf Thing

I would like to write an open letter to my calves.

Dear Calves,

Loosen up! Life is short, don’t spend all your time making me miserable. There are better things you can do, like helping me accelerate up bridges. Your prompt cooperation is necessary. I appreciate your help in this matter. 

All the best, Kristina


If you couldn’t tell, last night my calves were as tight as ever. I hope to get a call today or tomorrow with the results from my blood work. I hate feeling like I don’t know what to do. I need an action plan!

My doctor mentioned dehydration, but I don’t think it’s possible. I drink ALL THE TIME since it’s always warm here and I sweat a lot when I run.

It could be an electrolyte issue I suppose. I never thought about that until my doctor mentioned it. Do electrolyte issues cause your calves to feel this tight? I don’t really know much about electrolytes other than that we have to replace them after long runs.

The Moving Thing

My apartment is full of boxes upon boxes that need to eventually get moved to the townhouse.

I’m pretty sure Adam and I are going to have enough deliveries to start our own Amazon warehouse by the time we’re ready to move!


Right now we’re predicting we’ll be able to move in within 2-3 weeks. We won’t be done with everything by then, but we’ll be far enough along to move in. We are planning to have our furniture and new appliances delivered next week!!!!!

Once the living room and dining room furniture arrives it’s going to start to feel very much like our home, instead of just the place we go to work hard on the weekends!

The Sexual Assault Thing

Over 80% of my readers are women and over 70% live in the United States so I just wanted to mention what happened on Tuesday.

For me, this election has been eye opening when it comes to the sheer volume of women who have been sexually assaulted. I knew sexual assault was a big problem, but I didn’t realize it was this big (1 in 5 women will be raped at some point in their lives).

Whether you voted for Trump, Hillary or a third party, I hope that we can all agree that women who are victims of sexual assault deserve support. While sexual assault has become a large part of this election cycle, it’s not just a political issue. It’s not just a women’s issue. It’s a really big issue for everyone.

Yesterday I made a donation to RAINN (the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) in honor of all the women who helped me see how large of a problem this is in the US (and around the world).

Back in 2014 I wrote a post about running safety and included a link to the RED Sabre Personal Alarm. Sabre makes a donation to RAINN for every RED personal alarm sold. I bring this with me on every run in the dark.


If, like me, your eyes were opened to how big of a problem sexual assault is, I encourage you to make a donation to RAINN and/or purchase yourself a red personal alarm. We need to take our safety seriously.

What do you know about electrolyte imbalances related to running? TELL ME EVERYTHING! 🙂
What do you do to stay safe when running in the dark?



  1. November 10, 2016 / 6:54 am

    I had a minor issue with electrolyte imbalance — in that I really just was drinking a ton of plain ol water and needed to recharge my sodium levels as well. Mixing up my hydration with a bit of sports drink every so often really help! I pack a tiny bottle of diluted sports drink (since I don’t really like the way it leaves my mouth all sugared up) along with my Camelbak full of water on longer runs (10+ miles).

    This seemed to do the trick since I was running in 90+ degree weather with 95%+ humidity. It was just a matter of sweating out all my water and salt and only replenishing the water. Does this make sense?

    I did read somewhere that adding just the tiniest bit of salt into your water bottle could work too — but I didn’t wanna chance chugging straight salt water….

  2. November 10, 2016 / 9:02 am

    When you mentioned cramps and electrolytes I was thinking about the salt tabs that ultra runners take to avoid cramping. I’m thinking maybe you should try something with sodium in it. I’ve never had the issue, but my husband has and the salt tabs have helped him on long runs.
    On the topic of staying safe – I actually was hoping it was really dark out this morning when I ran because I wanted to see my new reflective top light up. Sadly, it was not dark enough that I noticed it. Not sure about the cars though because I purposely ran in the street, and everyone seemed to swerve over quite a bit more than normal! Can’t say I’ve ever hoped it would be darker in the morning!! haha

  3. November 10, 2016 / 9:48 am

    Sorry about your calves. I hope the Dr has a plan. I’ve been using electrolytes this training cycle. Remember that electrolytes are important for our muscles to function properly. In training I’ve seen that electrolyte balance makes a huge difference in how my body performs. Grab some electrolyte powder and try it out. You might be surprised.

    The assault thing is scary. I’ve always worried about this as Mrs schlub occasionally runs alone. She has a small mace can she takes with her. Honestly, when I run in the desert alone, I carry a small pocket knife with me in case I run into wildlife. Either way you just never know and need to be prepared.

  4. Sarah mc
    November 10, 2016 / 11:11 am

    Could it be your shoes? I know you just got new ones. But I wear stability shoe and I was having calf issues in the summer. So I switched them to a less stability shoe and it seems to have help. Some times it’s the mm drop in shoes that makes the difference.

  5. November 10, 2016 / 11:24 am

    Kristina, thank you for being a voice for important issues, and putting your money where your mouth is. While volunteering and advocacy are awesome, what a lot of organizations really need to make a difference is simple money. Donating, volunteering and speaking out are all important pieces of the puzzle when it comes to making a difference and helping charities succeed.

    Obviously the election angle makes this issue important, but also the scary and tragic stories that came out of the running community this summer. When I run in the dark, I always stay on busy roads to stay visible and near to open businesses. I always bring my phone with me and try to think of a plan for what I will do if, god forbid, something were to happen. No headphones. Stay vigilant and aware out there, everyone!

  6. November 10, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    Hmmm, I am not a doctor so you know my understanding is only from my experiences…I did have a very low vitamin D and potassium problem a few years which my Doc says contributed to my stress fracture. I am thinking maybe try increasing a Magnesium supplement and stick with it for a good solid month. I have found with supplements it takes a while ( like a month) to feel if there is any benefit.
    I carry pepper spray on my dark morning runs. and if I go the park alone I always have something in my car to protect me…which I know sounds crazy, but I figure if I can make a dash to my car I will win the fight. i am so isolated when I am trails…
    I admire you putting your money where your passion is.

  7. November 10, 2016 / 3:12 pm

    Yes Kristina, you always encourage me to put money where my mouth is! I donate a lot more because of you!