Today’s the Day!

Guess who gave in and bought the Beats Solo3? I will say I didn’t rush into the decision. I’ve been thinking about buying them for over a week now (just ask Kristina B.) which makes this feel like a well thought out purchase.

It helped that I remembered on Thursday that Best Buy does price matching, so I found a site selling them for $219 and Best Buy matched that price even though they retail for $299. What a deal!

I also found a couple pairs refurbished on Amazon for $199 but they didn’t have gold which is the color I wanted so I splurged at Best Buy.

I’m very happy with the purchase. They have great sound quality and fold up really small which makes them portable. I can’t wait to bring my laptop and the headphones to a Starbucks to work one day soon :).

I’m seriously going to look like a cool millennial with my macbook air, beats headphones and a venti Starbucks cup, hahahah

Even more important than my new headphones is the fact that CECIL COMES HOME TODAY from the vet hospital! The nurse called yesterday afternoon to give me my update. She said he’s been eating well, is becoming more affectionate and his radiation numbers are dropping due to normal urine and bowel movements.

Nurse: “He’ll be free to go home after 1pm. What time would you like to come pick him up?”

Me: “1:01.”

She laughed but said that would be fine, so depending on what time you are reading this post Cecil might be home already!

I went and bought all his necessities yesterday afternoon. I had to buy a disposable litter box and flushable litter since he will still be excreting a little radioactive material. I also bought him some new toys and his favorite treats because he deserves the world after all he’s gone through over the last few days.

How cute is that PetSmart bag? I love it.

Right next to the PetSmart is a nail salon so I stopped in to get my nails done. It’s been almost three weeks since I last got them done and they were in serious need of attention. I almost felt embarrassed when I showed the tech my hands!

They had just gotten in a new batch of colors which was exciting. I went for a color called “DND DC #089 Yellow Maple” or as Adam put it, “peach.”

After I got home Adam and I got in a quick chest workout. I was able to max out on bench press again. I know it’s crazy that I keep reaching new maxes, but I’m sure it’s just due to those “beginner” gains.

My sets looked like this:

-8 x 45lbs (the bar)

-8 x 45lbs (the bar again)

-8 x 55lbs

-8 x 65lbs

-8 x 70lbs

-5 x 75lbs <– whoo!

Just a couple weeks ago my best was 4 x 60lbs and now I’m already up to 5 x 75lbs. It’s so nice to see progress like that. Working out is such a good thing for people who are data-driven!

Looking forward to a fun weekend filled with WWE, working out, sleeping-in and my cat. Talk to you again soon!

Anyone else watching the Rumble this weekend?
Anyone else use flushable litter? How much can you flush at once? 



  1. January 26, 2018 / 7:47 am

    I’m so happy to hear that Cecil is doing well and coming home today! I can already tell that he is going to be well taken care of upon his return; you are such a good cat mom 🙂

    • Kristina
      January 28, 2018 / 10:44 am

      Hahha thank you Heather! I try my hardest 🙂

  2. January 28, 2018 / 5:49 am

    I laughed out loud at this: “he will still be excreting a little radioactive material” 🙂 ONLY OUR BABIES!!!!

    How long does it take do get your nails done? Do you have a certain place you always go or will you try out other places? I bite my nails and they are atrocious but I don’t want to stop!

    The headphones, will you wear them to workout or are they for laptop stuff only?

    • Kristina
      January 28, 2018 / 10:52 am

      LOL that’s the way the vet put it! I think he said it like that because C will be be getting rid of it in the litter box but also through his skin for a few days.

      Ugh, it takes about an hour to get a gel manicure. Honestly if it took less time I would probably be better about going on time but I hate knowing that I’m going to waste an hour either after work or on the weekend. I have a couple of places that I go to. I’m not sure that I love any of them, which is why a friend and I sometimes try out new places, but in general I guess none of the places are bad. I mean I always walk out with painted nails lol!

      No, I won’t wear the headphones for workouts. I can’t imagine working out with big bulky headphones like that, although there is this one girl who runs at the beach in them and she looks super cool. I don’t think I could look super cool when running if I tried though, so these will be just for working and around the house.

      When I’m working I like to listen to things through headphones/earbuds. I have tried putting music on a speaker in the house, but I never seem to be able to get the volume right and it bugs me. I love listening to stuff in my headphones/earbuds though!