Too Soon?

Hey there! Guess what? As soon as September 1st hit I kept true to my word and began decorating for Halloween. Is it too soon? Probably but I don’t care! On Saturday morning Adam got all the decor from last Halloween down from the attic and I hit up Home Goods to pick up a few new things.

The reason I love Halloween decor so much is because you can put a million cat statues out and it’s not considered crazy! In the words of the great Ricky Martin, she’s into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls. I’m livin la vida loca over here with all my Halloween stuff!

Can you imagine if there was some sort of running related holiday I could decorate for? I’d have Brooks shoes hanging from every corner of my house! 😀

I still need to pick up new window clings for the french doors. We threw away our window clings from last year and I couldn’t find any at Home Goods or Target over the weekend. A new Halloween store opened yesterday though so I’ll be going there today to see what they have! That’s where Adam and I found our window clings last year!

Last night I said to Adam that all the Halloween decor looks kind of cluttered and tacky but I DON’T CARE because I love it all! Decorating for the fall/winter holidays just makes me so happy. We don’t get a change in seasons, no cool weather to look forward to, no changing of the leaves, but I can change up our decor!

I’ll leave the Halloween stuff up until November 1st and then I’ll take it down and replace with a few other standard fall pieces. Then the day after Thanksgiving all of the Christmas decor will make its debut! We didn’t do a big tree the first two Christmases that we were in the house, but this year we’re putting up a tree and I’m very excited for that.

Tell me, when do you start decorating for the fall/winter holidays?

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  1. September 3, 2018 / 9:16 am

    It’s never too early to do something that brings you joy! What rooms do you decorate? You know me… I devote all of my time and energy to Christmas decorating. I haven’t bought anything new in awhile because I have SO MUCH. I suppose the last couple years the new things I bought was outdoor stuff. I literally have too much. You’ll see. Not sure when I’m going to put it up this year. I’m going to try to wait longer than I did last year. I believe the outdoor went up like Nov 12th and then indoor during the long Thanksgiving weekend.

    • Kristina
      September 3, 2018 / 2:20 pm

      Just the living room for Halloween / fall. I want to expand to more rooms in the house as the years go on, but decorating gets expensive, so one room at a time haha.

      For Christmas I’ll do the living room and my office. I had Christmas decor in my office when I had to drive to Miami so I’ll put all of that out in my home office this year! Plus I want to get twinkling lights for every room. I got obsessed with twinkling lights last Christmas and want them EVERYWHERE this year!

      Your lawn decorations for Christmas are the best! I am sure that you’re the house people purposely drive by to see it all lit up!