My Weekend: Treadmill Running + Yoga

I have a confession to make: I didn’t get up and go running down to the beach yesterday morning.

On Friday I said I was 100% committed to doing an early morning run on Sat., but when 6am rolled around my bed had a firm grasp on me. I did get a 30 minute run in on the treadmill though:

View from my treadmill

I think the view from my treadmill is pretty (especially when the sun is out shining – which it isn’t here) so I don’t mind running on it too much during the day. At night when I’m just staring at my own reflection in the mirror things can get a little boring.

Today I am all about the yoga. My body is soooore from Friday’s weightlifting session where I hit three new maxes.

Yoga mat

I’m going to stretch, rest and catch up on The Voice today …  then I’ll be back at it tomorrow!