Weekend Update!

Hey there! Hope you had a fun weekend :). Adam and I had a pretty chill weekend… as usual. Through vlogging I’ve realized we’re definitely homebodies!

Even though Adam and I often work from home together, we sit in two different areas of the house and only really “see” each other at lunch. When the weekend comes around I just want to spend quality time with him …and Cecil.

Adam and I got in our “couples workout” on Sunday, which just means we both workout together and encourage each other in our individual lifts. Although I did recently learn that Double Deadlift is a real thing where two people deadlift the same bar together and I’m intrigued.

I would like to rename it Couples Deadlift and participate, but Adam said we don’t own enough weight since I can lift 275lbs and he can deadlift over 400lbs. Weights are expensive so we’ll have to hold off on that dream for now.

Oh, I saw Winkle in Time this weekend! You know I had to go and support my faves, Mindy and Reese. Plus Winkle in Time was one of my favorite books growing up.

I ended up seeing the movie by myself, although I was not alone. The movie theater was almost completely empty, and yet a family of three sat right next to me. It made me laugh… and cry a little because I was enjoying my solitude :).

What did you get up to this weekend?

Have you seen Wrinkle in Time?
Who would you recruit to do double deadlifts with? 


  1. Ana

    You are so strong!! Look at all the deadlifts you can do! You are amazing!

    I hope the training for the 5K goes well!
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  2. Lisa @ TechChick Adventures

    Haven’t seen a Wrinkle in Time yet, but will soon. The kids both read the book and it looks really good! I find that very interesting about you and Adam not seeing much of each other although you are both at home! Of course, I guess it would not be very productive to be chatting all of the time, and everyone needs their own workspace. If you take just a half hour lunch do you get to stop working a half hour earlier? I wasn’t sure if you worked by your hours, or you needed to be available until 5pm each day.
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    1. Kristina

      I pretty much keep to a 8am – 5pm schedule and take an hour for lunch. I wouldn’t want to take less, halfway through the day my brain needs that full 60 minutes to rest, haha!

      I work upstairs in the office and he works downstairs in a little setup he has in the living room so we’re totally separated from each other. It’s better that way because I’m on the phone a lot, and he likes to work in silence since he’s dealing with a lot of code. Cecil mostly stays upstairs with me because he loves me more 😀

  3. Ali @ Hit the Ground Running

    How was the movie? I’ve heard mixed reviews but I still plan to see it! I need to see Love, Simon first, though.
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    1. Kristina

      I’ll send you a message on Facebook! Overall I thought it was okay. The first half of the movie was good; I thought if I was 6-12 years old I probably would have really enjoyed the first half. The second half of the movie was pretty bad by all accounts.

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