November 2013: Weekly Workouts

November 1st – 3rd

**Taper Week**

Friday: Rest day (knee)

Saturday: Rest day (knee)

Sunday: Upper body weights, stationary bike

November 4 – 10th

**Taper Week**

Monday: 5K running

Tuesday: 4 miles running

Wednesday: Rest day (knee)

Thursday: Rest day (knee)

Friday: Rest day (knee)

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: 13.1 miles running + 2 miles walking

November 11 – 17th

**Sprained/twisted ankle**

Monday: RICE

Tuesday: RICE

Wednesday: RICE

Thursday: RICE

Friday: 2 miles walking

Saturday: RICE

Sunday: Stationary bike, elliptical, upper body weights

November 18 – 24th

Monday: Stationary bike, elliptical

Tuesday: Rest (Adam and my anniversary!)

Wednesday: 4 miles running

Thursday: Elliptical

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 5 miles running

Sunday: Stationary bike, elliptical, treadmill walking

November 25 – 30th

Monday: Elliptical, upper body weights

Tuesday: 3 miles running

Wednesday: Rest day (travel)

Thursday: 5K running

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Stationary bike, 45 mins

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