October 2013: Weekly Workouts

September 30 – October 6th

*My coach has me on a down week this week to rest up for the big push towards 13.1 coming up soon!

Monday: Unplanned rest day (Dolphins on MNF!)

Tuesday: 2 miles running

Wednesday: 3 miles running

Thursday: Another unplanned reset day (quads/calves sore)

Friday: Regularly scheduled rest day

Saturday: 4.5 miles in the a.m., 2.5 miles in the p.m.

Sunday: 2 mile walk @ 8-10% incline on treadmill

October 7 – 13th

Monday: Unplanned rest day (apparently MNF is too distracting for me)

Tuesday: 3.5 miles running, .5 mile walking

Wednesday: 5.5 miles running (I think this was actually 6 but my Garmin died mid-run)

Thursday: 3 miles running

Friday: Regularly scheduled rest day

Saturday: 10 MILES!!! My first ever double digit run!

Sunday: 2 miles running

October 14 – 20th

Monday: 2 miles walking @ incline grade 6-10%

Tuesday: 4 miles running

Wednesday: Unplanned rest day (bday dinner w/the girls!)

Thursday: 5K running

Friday: Regularly scheduled rest day

Saturday: 11 miles running

Sunday: 2 miles running

October 21 – 27th

Monday: 5K running

Tuesday: Rest day

Wednesday: 1 mile running – workout cut short due to medical issues

Thursday: 5k running – workout cut short due to medical issues

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 12 miles running!!!! : ) + walking around Universal Studios

Sunday: Rest day

October 28 – 31st

Monday: XT – Elliptical, stretching

Tuesday: 3.5 miles running

Wednesday: 5 miles running

Thursday: Unplanned rest day (knee)

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